A few Do’s and Don’ts of Kstate tailgating!

Tomorrow, another season of football gets underway at Bill Snyder Family Stadium with a 6:10 kickoff against Stephen F. Austin. If you’re a first timer, or a seasoned veteran of partying at The Fort, here’s a few Do’s and Don’ts of Kstate Tailgating. 

Do: get some good sleep tonite

Don’t: say you’re gonna take it easy at Purple Power Play In The Park, then go to Aggieville afterwards, and forget to sleep. It’ll make for a long day tomorrow!

Do: bring the burgers and hot dogs! A little pre-game meal always make the experience much better!

Don’t: forget to hook up KSU superfan Robert Lipson when he comes by your tailgate! Trust me. He will be by your tailgate.

Do: bring your own beverages!

Dont: bum some from your friends! This isn’t Iowa State! (Jokes! Seriously though.They do have the nicest fans in the Big XII)

Do: bring some lawn chairs, or outdoor furniture to sit on.

Dont: bring a couch! and be tempted to burn it! This isnt West Virginia! (Jokes! Seriously though. They do have the…….fans in the Big XII)

Do: park next to an Oakland Athletics flag, or some other random sports flag. It’s a great landmark for people to find you

Dont: steal said flag once the sun goes down! (Jokes! Seriously though, Kstate has the BEST fans in the Big XII. We wouldn’t think of doing something like that…)

Do: Use the port-a-pottys!

Dont: just go in the grass! You or a friend could be napping there later!

Do: bring your sunglasses

Dont: forget to wear them while talking to them ladies! Ladies, likewise for you when talking to us hot guys!

and most importantly

Do: be respectful and courteous to others around you!

Don’t: forget that when you’re wearing purple, you’re not just cheering for K-State, you’re representing them! Otherwise, yell loud and have a blast!

Can you think of any others? Do: Share with us!

-Tyler Jackson



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