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Why Are Country Fans Upset With Tim McGraw?

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Woman Eats 3 72oz Steaks in 20 Minutes! Watch Video!

A 120-pound California woman has set another competitive eating record after she wolfed down three 72-ounce steak dinners in 20 minutes at a restaurant in Texas.Molly Schuyler, a mother of four has won prizes for eating chicken wings, barbecue and burgers, among other food items.She finished her first steak in 4 minutes,18 seconds Sunday, beating the restaurants previous record of 4 minutes, 58 seconds, that she set last year.She ate the three steaks plus the fixings in 20 minutes, competing against four teams of two, which were allowed to split the meal of 3 steaks, 3 baked potatoes, 3 shrimp cocktails, 3 salads and 3 rolls.She was awarded $5,000 for completing the challenge in less than an hour and $1,000 for fastest eaten steak dinner.

Easton Corbin's "Baby Be My Love Song" Video

Check out Easton Corbin’s music video for “Baby Be My Love Song”!



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