One Family, Three Sets of Twins

The Riggs family of Prosper, Texas just welcomed their THIRD set of twins to the family. The first two sets came through fertility treatments and the third set came the old fashioned way. Check out the video to see the adorable handfuls for yourself.

TransAsia Plane Crash (Video)


At least eight people have died after a TransAsia Airways plane clipped a bridge and crashed into a river near the Taiwanese capital, Taipei.
Fifty-eight people were onboard the domestic flight, and a number of people were reportedly injured.

Rescue teams were alongside the plane trying to rescue about 30 people still trapped inside.

Footage of the plane apparently filmed from inside passing cars showed it banking sharply, hitting a taxi and clipping the bridge before crashing into the river.
Those that were rescued were helped into dinghies and taken to shore.

Keith Urban Gets Pranked by Maddie & Tae

The girls pretended to be a local group called the Nuf-Nuffs as they played for Keith over the phone to see if he would send them through to Hollywood.

They sang The Judds‘ “Have Mercy.” Watch below to see what Keith had to say about Maddie & Tae!

Video –