This Day In History – December 23


The number one song was White Christmas by Bing Crosby!

It would top the charts again in 1945 and 1977.


Merle Haggard recorded The Fightin’ Side of Me in Los Angeles!

This should be every American’s theme song!

also in 1969

Willie Nelson‘s home in Ridgetop, Tennessee, burnt while he was in Nashville at a Christmas party!

When he saw the flames, Willie rushed in to rescue his guitar, “Trigger,” and a bag of marijuana stashed inside the case.

Classic Willie!


Time magazine named New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani its person of the year!

After his leadership during 9/11, very well deserved honor for the Mayor!

and then lastly…

Eight years ago already!


Sugarland’s Want To was the number one song in the land!

In my opinion, this is their best song!

-Tyler Jackson

Need some low-cost, unique, last minute gift ideas?

You’ve got THREE more days!

If you’re like me, one who procrastinates and hates spending money, here are some great low-cost, unique, last minute gift ideas.

-Check out the Buy Nothing Project on Facebook and trade items instead of buying them

-Give someone an herb or a plant – sunflowers, dill and parsley are especially good this time of year. Colorado herbs aren’t ever a buy idea either! :)

-Burn someone a cd! 

-Clean someone’s house for them!

-Offer to babysit or pet sit.

-Buy a pre-paid gas card for someone who has a lot of driving to do.

-Buy a gift certificate to somewhere that they love.

Or like I’ve become famous for…

-Give a framed picture!

These days, printing off photos has never been easier! You can take an old photo, a digital camera’s photo, or even a cell phone picture, print them off, frame it, and bada-bing! Talk about a quick, perfect, cheap & personal gift!

Do you have any other ideas? Let us know! Text “Holler” and your idea to 88474!

-Tyler Jackson 

This Day In History – December 22


The United States Golf Association was formed in New York City.

Hey, USGA, thank you for introducing us to golf, and for the 114 US Open’s you’ve sponsored!


Twenty-five years ago today was brrrrrrrrrr! Ready for these temperatures across the county?

-18°F in Denver, -42°F in Scottsbluff Nebraska, -47°F in Hardin Mont & -60°F in Black Hills South Dakota

It was -23°F in Kansas City!

Once again…say it out-loud this time…



The movie O Brother, Where Art Thou? debuted in New York and Los Angeles!

The movie, starring George Clooney, featured an awesome soundtrack along with it! Who could ever forget this iconic song?!

and then lastly…


The repeal of the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy, the 17-year-old policy banning on homosexuals serving openly in the United States military, was signed into law by President Barack Obama.

-Tyler Jackson

New study shows older folks are worse texters than youngsters while driving

Of course, we all know it’s unsafe to text and drive. In Manhattan and the state of Kansas, it’s illegal. A new study has come out talking about who is the most unsafe drivers, as far as age group, and surprisingly – it’s older adults who are worse at it.

This study has suggested that older drivers aged 45 to 59 are actually four times as likely to swerve out of their lane while texting and driving. 100% of those in that age group during a simulated test swerved while only 25% of those 18 to 24 swerved.

While older drivers tend to be safer overall, it seems younger drivers are more familiar with their phones and can operate them while driving more easily.

No matter how old you are, though…PUT YOUR PHONE DOWN WHILE DRIVING!! 

-Tyler Jackson

This Day In History – December 19


The Chipmunk Song was the number one Billboard pop hit.

It was written by Chipmunks creator David Seville


The number one Billboard pop hit was Escape (Pina Colada Song) by Rupert Holmes!

It was the last chart-topping single of the ‘70s.


Singer and founding member Marty Raybon made his last appearance with Shenendoah at Nashville’s Wildhorse Saloon.

Great band!


President Clinton was impeached by the House for perjury and obstruction of justice, becoming only the second chief executive to be ordered to stand trial in the Senate.


Like Andrew Johnson back in the day, he was acquitted.

But he never did have sexual relations with that woman, Ms. Lewinsky

and then lastly…


The 1961 movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s, along with 24 other films, were added to the U.S. National Film Registry as an important part of American culture.

Great movie!

-Tyler Jackson

Texas Theater to Show ‘Team America’ In Place of ‘The Interview’

Since Sony decided to shelve “The Interview,” a movie outlining a plot to assassinate North Korean dictator, Kim Jong Un, a Texas movie theater has decided to do screenings of the next best thing, 2004′s “Team America: World Police,” a movie outlining a plot to assassinate former North Korean dicator, Kim Jong Il, complete with American flags and other patriotic items. Read the full story here. ‘MERICA!!

This Day In History – December 18


The 13th Amendment to The Constitution, which abolished slavery, was declared in effect.


A $1 silver certificate was issued!

This was the first version of the modern day $1 bill.

It was the first currency to depict the front and back sides of the Great Seal of the United States.


The number one single was Like A Virgin by Madonna!

It was her first chart topper, and stayed there for six weeks.


The divorce of Jon and Kate Gosselin, made famous by the reality show Jon and Kate Plus 8, was finalized.


She received primary custody. Yikes!!

and then lastly…

It’s hard to believe it’s been 17 years…


Comedian Chris Farley was found dead in his Chicago apartment.


He was 33 years old.

And in my opinion…Greatest comedian of all time.

-Tyler Jackson