Lee Brice Shows Off the Vintage Guitar His Wife Bought Him on “I Don’t Dance” Album Cover

Image Courtesy Curb

The guitar Lee Brice is holding on the cover of his new album, I Don’t’ Dance, is much more than just a prop. It’s the actual 1948 Gibson J-45 guitar his wife, Sara, gave him as a wedding present before they tied the knot last year.

Lee tells ABC News Radio, “My buddy in South Carolina, he’s got a bunch of old guitars like that, and I just fell in love with one that looked just like that, and he found me one, for [Sara to give me], out in California, and it’s just amazing.”

The guitar’s long life can be seen in the scratches on the finish, but its age also gives the instrument a much richer tone.

“The older it gets, the dryer that wood gets, and the more it resonates, the more it vibrates,” Lee explains. “So, it actually sounds better and better the older it gets.”

Lee’s also playing that vintage guitar in the video for “I Don’t Dance.” His album of the same name comes out September 9.

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This Day In History – August 12


Dr. Joseph Lister earned the wrath of his peers in the medical profession when he applied carbolic acid to a wounded leg to prevent infection. It was the first use of a disinfectant during surgery.

Of course, when the leg healed in a short time, people came to realize he wasn’t just an old quack, and so, to apologize, they named a mouthwash after him.


Joseph P. Kennedy Jr. was killed with his co-pilot when their Navy plane exploded over England.

Joseph was the oldest son of Joseph and Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy, and of course, the older brother of John F. Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedyand Teddy Kennedy.

 He was was supposed to be President. After he was killed in action, that expectation fell heavily on JFK, who would then become the 35th President of the United States


Mickey Mantle set a Major League Baseball record when he hit home runs from both the left and right sides of the plate in the same game.

Gotta love The Mick!


IBM released its first PC!

The IBM model 5150 had a price tag of $1,565. 


Patty Loveless picked up her first number one hit Timber, I’m Falling in Love!


John Michael Montgomery’s country version of the pop hit I Swear was certified gold.

Notice how I said country version? Remember this one from All-4-One?!


Woodstock ‘94 opened in Saugerties, New York

It ran three days – August 12, 13 and 14th, as the opening day was on the 25th anniversary of the Woodstock Music and Art Fair. Oh, and it rained all weekend:

This led to one of the greatest mud fights ever!

and then lastly,

14 years ago!


Lonestar went to number one with What About Now

Such a great song!

-Tyler Jackson

Robin Williams Found Dead

The beloved actor and comedian, Robin Williams, has been found dead of apparent suicide by asphyxiation. He was 63.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family, loved ones, and his millions of fans, of which, we at B104.7 are included.

Read the full story, along with words from his wife, Susan Schneider, and the official press release here.

This Day In History – August 11


Alcatraz received federal prisoners for the first time!

The big prison on The Rock in San Francisco Bay,housed some of the baddest dudes America for nearly 100 years.

Could you imagine being stuck there with the likes of Al Capone?

or GeorgeMachine Gun” Kelly?

Or Whitey Bulger?

or Clint Eastwood?

Atleast Sean Connery & Nicholas Cage would save you!

File:The Rock (movie).jpg


The first Major League Baseball game to be televised in color was broadcast!

The Brooklyn Dodgers defeated the Boston Braves, 8-1.

The Dodgers loved this so much, they actually made their move out to Hollywood in 1957!



In Bloomington, Minnesota, the Mall of America opened!

Coming in at over 2.5 million square feet, with over 500 stores, the Mall Of America is the largest shopping mall in the United States! I visited in 1996 - glorious place!

and then lastly…


Blake Shelton earned his first number one hit with Austin!

 Austin remained at the top of the charts for five weeks!

The mullet, meanwhile, remained on top for a lot longer! (Thankfully it’s no longer there!)

-Tyler Jackson

Tragedy on the Track


NASCAR star Tony Stewart hit and killed a 20-year-old driver during a dirt track race in Canandaigua, New York on Saturday.

The two drivers were involved in a collision.. Suddenly, Kevin Ward Jr got out of his car and approached Stewart’s vehicle as the racers were warned to slow down on their next lap.

Stewart didn’t see Ward because there was a car in front of him and hit Ward sending him flying 50-feet. He was taken to a hospital where he later died.

Police are investigating the incident but say it’s not a criminal investigation. They have already interviewed Stewart and said he appeared to be very upset over what happened.

Stewart pulled out of yesterday’s (Sunday) NASCAR Sprint Cup race due to the fatal accident… and Regan Smith raced in his place.

Yesterday, Tony Stewart sayid “there aren’t words” to describe his sadness over the accident that killed Kevin Ward Jr.In a statement released by a spokesman, Stewart says “my thoughts and prayers are with his family, friends and everyone affected by this tragedy.”

Jason Aldean Speaks Out on his Relationship


Jason Aldean says it’s about time everyone move on from his family drama.

It’s been almost two years since the country singer was spotted with another woman while still married .

After posting a snapshot of his now girlfriend, Brittany Kerr, on Instagram Sunday, Aldean’s followers posted some nasty comments.
The father of two, who filed for divorce from wife Jessica Ussery in 2013, came to Kerr’s defense with a second Instagram of the words, “You know my name, not my story. You’ve heard what I’ve done, not what I’ve been through.”
And Aldean posted an update on his life:
“So sick of people judging me and @brittanylkerr over things they know nothing about. I have made mistakes but I am a better person because of it, and wouldn’t change a thing.
“I’m happier than I have ever been, so thank u to all the people who support us. We are happy and life goes on. It’s time to move on people. #aldeanarmy #oldnews #timetomoveon.”


Do you think fans need to move on?  Or do you think Jason deserves the flack for cheating on his wife?

Driver goes airborne…takes out police choppers

When you watch this video…keep in mind that this is NOT a video game.  This really happened.

A 71 year old Arkansas driver lost control of his car…accelerated through an intersection…and then went airborne over a wall.  On the other side of that wall?  Two police helicopters.

First responders pried the man from his car and he was treated at a local hospital.  No word yet on how much damage was done to the choppers.

Lady Antebellum going into the Georgia Music Hall of Fame

Congratulations all around…Lady Antebellum and Jeff Foxworthy are the newest members of the Georgia Music Hall of Fame!

The announcement was made on Friday, and the trio will officially be welcomed in on October 11th.

Both Dave Haywood and Charles Kelley are natives of the Peach State, but bandmate Hillary Scott was born in Tennessee.  Normally, that might cause an issue for these two fiercely rival states, but Haywood points out that, as far as they’re all concerned, Hillary is an honorary Georgian. “She’s spent a lot of time there in Atlanta and Athens”, said Haywood. “We’ve shown her the Georgia Theatre and Eddie’s Attic.”

He went on to say how honored the band is.  “We’ve never been a part of something like this before,” he said. “It’s pretty special hearing the words ‘Lady Antebellum’ and ‘hall of fame’ in the same sentence. We really feel honored to be included.”


“Slapgate” settled…with a chat?

Well, it looks like Tim McGraw might just get his wish.  After a video of Tim swatting an overzealous fan at a concert in Atlanta a few weeks ago surfaced on the internet, Tim found himself on the hotseat.  In the video, a fan who was later identified at Jesslyn Taylor appears to grab Tim’s leg while he was performing on a catwalk.  She apparently ripped his bluejeans and nearly pulled him off-balance.

According to Tim…he reacted “instinctively” and gave the young lady a swat on the head.  She was then led out of the concert by security.  The situation threatened to turn ugly when Taylor hired a personal injury lawyer.

But today, a statement released by Tim’s team says that “The matter between Tim McGraw and Jesslyn Taylor stemming from an Atlanta concert has been mutually resolved the old-fashioned way–with a simple conversation”

So we’re left to assume that they each apologized to the other.  That seems very unlikely, with lawyers involved.  After all, what’s 40% of an apology?

K-State newcomers get haircuts

Well, it’s been a busy week out at the Vanier Football Complex.

Fall training camp got underway as the Wildcats prepare for the upcoming season.  Then, on Wednesday, legendary head coach Bill Snyder railed against how college athletics has “sold out”.  And now, with the home opener just three weeks away…the incoming freshmen got haircuts.

And not good haircuts.   See for yourself.