Best Proposal Video EVER!

Good luck trying to top this one, guys…

This guy takes four long years to visit 26 countries just to film a lip sync proposal video for his girlfriend.

The college student knew when he met his girlfriend he would marry her so he spent the next four years taking advantage of the travel opportunities he had through school to record a video.

The lip sync is appropriately set to “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)” and he played it for her after the they graduated from college and made it part of his proposal – she of course said yes.

Eli Young Band Wants You to Drunk Dial Them…Oh, & Vote For Them on the CMTs



The Eli Young Band’s music video “Drunk Last Night” is nominated for Group Video of the Year for the CMT Music Awards and in honor of this nomination, they want to hear from YOU…or…at least your drunk dials. They’ve set up a special hotline specifically for their inebriated friends 512-920-2392.

Everyone else is doin’ it!

Drunk Calls

Seriously, drunk dialing happens…might as well be with EYB! Give ‘em a shout this weekend and maybe a vote, too!

Worst Nightmare Realized: A Semi Full of Bees Overturned! Eeeeekkkkk!

A tractor trailer full of bees overturned in Newark, Delaware, releasing millions of bees.

The truck was going from Florida to Maine when it overturned on a ramp.

Beekeepers were called in to get as many hives as possible off the truck to save them.

The driver of the truck and two passengers were taken to the hospital with minor injuries from the crash…. they were each stung 50 to 100 times.

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Should Women Get Paid for Menstrual Leave?

There’s a debate on whether or not workingwomen deserve to receive paid “menstrual leave” to deal with their monthly pains and discomfort.

The editor of a feminist journal said, “Just by asking the question, ‘Should women get paid menstruation leave?’ biases the listener into saying, ‘Oh, of course not,’ because you’re talking about special treatment.”

She added, “But if you were to say, should men get paid time off if they were kicked in the testicles, yes, like if you have a medical problem, you should get to take time off.”

The woman also explained that the issue is really about workers’ rights, because studies show that workers with unlimited sick days actually take fewer sick days, plus they’re happier and more productive.

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Hero feline “throws” out the first pitch

You remember the story we shared with you last week…Tara the cat attacked a dog that was chewing on a little boy.  Well, as you might expect…the “first pitch” didn’t go exactly as planned.  But then again, Tara probably would’ve been happy with an extra hour of nap time.  Check out the video here.

This Day In History – May 21

This Day In History – May 21


Waylon Jennings began a six-week run at the top of the country chart with “Luckenbach, Texas (Back to the Basics of Love).


1985 - A bipartisan group of influential Washington wives calling themselves the PMRC, or Parents’ Music Resource Center, asked the music industry to launch a rating system warning consumers of records containing violent or sexually explicit lyrics. A PMRC member said, “Young girls who listen to Madonna are learning at a very young age how to be a porn queen in heat.”

File:Parental Advisory label.svg

 and then lastly…

1998 - Garth Brooks‘ No Fences became the first country album certified for shipments of 14 million copies.

I still believe George Strait is the best ever, but you can’t deny what Garth did for country music! He was the driving force to make country the most played radio genre in the country!


-Tyler Jackson