This Day In History – September 8


Marvin Gaye started a two-week run at the top of the singles chart with Let’s Get It On

That was Marvin’s second number one single.


Evel Knievel tried to leap the Snake River Canyon in Idaho. The designer of his custom-built Sky Cycle 2 was offered a bonus of 80 thousand dollars if Evel survived the jump.

When it came time to make the jump, the bike failed, but the automatic parachute opened and Evel rode it safely down to Earth.


The Oprah Winfrey Show was broadcast nationally for the first time.

Oprah’s daytime television talk show turned her into one of the most powerful, wealthy people in show business and, arguably, the most influential woman in America.


Rodney Atkins went to number one with These Are My People!

and then lastly…

Say what you will about the guy, but this saved baseball.


Mark McGwire of the St. Louis Cardinals hit his 62nd home run of the season. He had beaten a record that had stood for 37 years by Roger Maris.

McGwire would eventually reach 70 home runs on September 27.

-Tyler Jackson

This Day In History – September 5


Charles Creighton and James Hagris completed the drive from New York City to Los Angeles and back to New York City all in reverse gear. The trip took 42 days in their 1929 Ford Model A.

WHY?!! That would be horrible! 


Jerry Lewis’ First ever Muscular Dystrophy telethon raises $15,000

Since then, he’s raised 2.45 billion! Wow!


Eleven members of the Israeli Olympic team were murdered by Arab terrorists in Munich, Germany.


After nearly 30 years of rocking and rolling together, Aerosmith finally had a number one single. They hit the top of the chart with I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing from the movie Armageddon.

and then lastly…


In London, magician David Blaine entered a clear plastic box and was then suspended by a crane over the banks of the Thames River.

He remained there until October 19th, surviving only on water.

Once again…why?!?! 

-Tyler Jackson




Are You Obese?

Rates of adult obesity increased in six states and fell in none last year — and now a record 20 states have at least 30% of adults that are obese.

The 2013 adult obesity rate exceeds 20% in every state, while 42 have rates above 25%. For the first time two states Mississippi and West Virginia rose above 35%.

The only good news in the findings was that rates of childhood obesity have leveled off throughout the country.

To find out if you’re obese, check out the chart!



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This Day In History – September 4


Happy LA Day! 

Los Angeles, one the most-visited and famous cities in the world, was founded by Spanish settlers on September 4th.

The original name was  El Pueblo de Nuestra Senora La Reina de Los Angeles de Porciuncula, which translates as The Town of the Queen of Angels.

The City Of Angels rolls off the tongue a little better


George Eastman registered the name Kodak and patented his roll-film camera.

The camera took 100 exposures per roll! Dang those modern-day 24 exposure rolls! 


Sawyer Brown reached number one on the Billboard chart with Thank God for You


While in Ireland, President Clinton said the words “I’m sorry” for the first time about his affair with Monica Lewinsky and described his behavior as indefensible.

Here is apologizing again

And then again

and then lastly…

It’s hard to believe it’s already been eight years since this happened


The Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin died while snorkeling in Australia’s Great Barrier Reef and filming a documentary.  He was fatally stabbed in the chest with a stingray barb.  He was 44 years old.

I loved Steve Irwin! Here is some of his best work:

-Tyler Jackson

What is Kansas’ most distinctive food?!

Food industry analytic firm Food Genius teamed up with to figure out what the most distinctive food by state is. They looked at 88,000 menus and 59 million menu items, and put together a map showing what’s NOT most the most popular food by state, but rather, what food distinguishes a state from everyone else.

It’s cool seeing the different regions of the country, and what their distinguished food item are. Cheesesteaks are loved on the East Coast, New Mexico green chilies quite literally dominate New Mexico, green bell peppers are the beloved vegetables of the north; pecans, crawfish and cole slaw are beloved in the dirty, dirty- while it seems like a lot of the nation just straight up loves ranch dressing. One thing though – what the heck, New York?! Eggplant is terrible!

What’s Kansas’?! Find out here!

Hockey team to honor “Seinfeld” debut with puffy shirt jerseys

This is yet another reason why minor league sports teams are such a great bang for your buck.

The Bakersfield Condors, an ice hockey team that plays in the East Coast Hockey League, will wear jerseys that resemble the “puffy shirt” from one of the most memorable episodes of the hit series “Seinfeld” when they play a game on November 16th.

And why would they do such a thing you ask?  Because 2014 is the 25th year anniversary of the debut of the “show about nothing”.  And instead of player names on the back…the jerseys will feature character names: Jerry, George, Elaine, Kramer…but unfortunately no “soup Nazi”.

They’ll then auction off the jerseys for charity after the game.  Yada yada yada…

KSU quarterback “tweets” best wishes to injured rival

These days, college athletics seems to be all about who’s got the nicest stadium, the most passionate fan base, and winning at all costs.  So when a story comes out about something like this, I think we all want to take note.

This Saturday, Kansas State and Iowa State will meet at Jack Trice Stadium in Ames in their annual Big 12 football matchup…long since dubbed “Farmageddon” due to the agricultural locales of the two universities.  Last week, the Cyclones’ top receiver was injured…and will be out for the season.  Kansas State quarterback Jake Waters, who grew up in Iowa, took a moment from his preparations for what will be a very important game to send a note to the injured Iowa State star.

“Praying for you bro”, he tweeted.

Jake Waters had an amazing season in 2013, leading the Wildcats to an 8-5 record and a statement victory over Michigan in the Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl.  He has shown that he can pass, and run with the best of them.

With a tweet, he also demonstrated what a classy guy he is.

This Day In History – September 3


The Lone Ranger was heard on radio for the final time!

Spanning 21 years, The Lone Ranger ran for a total of 2,956.


The birth of online shopping started, when eBay was founded!

Here’s the coolest thing I ever bought on eBay! $18 + shipping! (It took three weeks to come mailed in from China)! Seriously!


Madonna’s Sticky and Sweet world tour became the highest grossing tour ever for a solo artist!

Grossing 408 million dollars, Madonna performed in 32 countries, ending in Tel Aviv, Israel.

and then lastly…

One year ago!


Hunters in Mississippi caught a state-record 727-pound alligator!

Big gator

Look at that gator! It measured 13-feet, 4.5-inches long! Talk about a big boy!

-Tyler Jackson