Carrie Underwood back for another season of Sunday Night Football

She might be married to a hockey player, but Carrie Underwood is also a big time football fan.  “I love football!”, said the 31 year old.  So it should be no surprise that she’ll once again be singing the opening theme to NBC’s “Sunday Night Football”.  And since this year’s NFC Championship game airs on that same network, she’s also recorded a special opening number for the big game, to be held next February in Glendale, AZ.

This Day In History – July 1


The U.S. postmaster introduced the five-digit ZIP (Zoning Improvement Plan) code!

Normally, I’d have something smark alecky to say, but the ZIP code is actually pretty ingenious! It just ZIPs our mail right along!


Alabama gave its first public performance as WILDCOUNTRY at the Canyon Land theme park in their hometown of Fort Payne, Alabama!

They’re absolutely the best country band of all-time!

and then lastly…


Maria Shriver filed divorce papers to end her marriage to Arnold Schwarzenegger! The divorce happened after it was revealed Arnold fathered a child with the family’s nanny. Yikes!

I bet he wished it was:

-Tyler Jackson

The nanny who was fired…and wouldn’t leave

Everyone knows the feeling: you’ve either had that friend or relative who overstayed their welcome, or you know someone who does.  Well, a California couple found out the hard way that you really should check the references…especially when you hire a nanny for your kids from craigslist!

The Bridesmaid Trend that has Everyone Talking!

Bridesmaids are now lifting up their dresses to show off their butts in a new wedding photo trend.The bridesmaids show off their butts when taking wedding photos and post the pics on Instagram.Some of the bridesmaids show one cheek, while some show off both cheeks with underwear …. others show off their naked butts.  What do you think?  Cute or Trashy??

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Willie Nelson tops the country album chart

For the first time in nearly three decades, Willie Nelson is at the top.  Top of the chart, that is.  His brand new album “Band Of Brothers”, sold 37,000 copies in it’s first week out…putting him atop the Billboard Country Album chart.

And Luke Bryan has the new #1 single in country music…his tune “Play It Again” displaces Florida Georgia Line at the top of the Hot Country Songs chart.  Of course, Luke headlines the Friday lineup at the Country Stampede!

Elderly couple takes accident scene photo

Well, this is one way to deal with a minor car accident.  Benjamin Neufeld heard a strange noise outside his Bel Air home.  He went outside to find his 85 year old wife Elizabeth stuck inside her blue Honda, which had flipped over when she backed over the curb.  However, she was unhurt…so the man took advantage of the scene and now has one crazy, unforgettable photo!

The Do’s & Dont’s of Country Stampede – from a seasoned Stampede veteran!

It’s officially Country Stampede in Manhattan!!

This summer will mark my 13th consecutive! I’ve gone ever year since 2002, and in that time, I’ve seen some great shows, met some great friends, made some great memories, and, I’m proud to say  - I never have been arrested out there! (Knock on wood! Knock on wood!!)

While there’s been lots of changes from the time I started going until now, one thing has remained the same: It’s Country Stampede! The spirit will never change, neither will the scars, and neither will the stories. To get to the prime stories, though, there are a few Do’s & Dont’s you need to know!


Do: Drink lots of water!

Mountain spring, or Rocky Mountain…

Don’t: Relieve said water just anywhere. Have some decency!

Do: Drool over Luke Bryan!

Don’t: TOUCH HIM!! 

Luuke, but don’t touch, ladies!!!

Do: remember where your campsite’s at!

Here ya go, here’s a little map for you:

Stampede Campground

Don’t: Just stay at some random spot!

Actually, strike that! That makes for a great story! I’ve slept in ditches, wrong tents, wrong lawn chairs, wrong parts of the park….

 Do: Bring your rain gear!

There will be a chance of rain all weekend.

Don’t: Forget your raincoat(s)! :)

Do: Pack the Deet!

Don’t: pack the heat!

Come on Annie Oakley, leave your guns in town!!! 

Do: Bring a lady!

Don’t: Forget that you brought a lady

Do: Atleast wear some clothing


Don’t: Wear no clothing…

Just kidding!! 


Be safe, and use your head!!!   

And keep your radio locked all weekend to “Your Hometown Stampede Station” – Hot Country B1047!! 

-Tyler Jackson