Glen Campbell’s Musical Legacy and Alzheimer’s Disease Chronicled in New Film, “Glen Campbell: I’ll Be Me”

Image Courtesy PCH FilmsGlen Campbell‘s Goodbye Tour is captured in the new documentary film, Glen Campbell: I’ll Be Me, opening in select theaters Friday. The movie chronicles Glen’s diagnosis with Alzheimer’s Disease in 2011 and the 151 shows he played until the disease made it impossible for him to go on performing last year.

I’ll Be Me doesn’t shy away from showing Glen’s descent into dementia, but it also serves as a reminder of the multi-platinum career that put Glen Campbell in the Country Music Hall of Fame in 2005.

Scenes from The Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour variety show on CBS and his acting role in the western True Grit are included in the movie along with vintage performances of his signature hits, “Rhinestone Cowboy,” “By the Time I Get to Phoenix” and many more. The film also shines a light on Glen’s role as a session guitarist on classic songs from The Beach Boys, Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra and many more acts.

Brad Paisley, Keith Urban, Bruce Springsteen, Blake Shelton and Paul McCartney are among the stars singing Glen’s praises in I’ll Be Me. Footage of Glen’s performance at the 2012 Grammy Awards with Blake and The Band Perry is also included, and The Band Perry’s Kimberly Perry tells ABC News Radio it was very humbling to be in Glen’s presence.

She says, “I always feels like he’s just a living piece of history, a lot like Loretta Lynn and Dolly Parton.”

Her brother Neil Perry recalls Glen giving it his all, even at the rehearsals for their Grammy Awards performance.

“He was getting ready to play ‘Rhinestone Cowboy,’” Neil says, “and I remember before he did, he took his guitar off, someone handed him an actual rhinestone jacket. He put it on, and then played the song, just for rehearsals. So, that was pretty cool to see that. Kind of him get in character, you know?”

The Band Perry performs a special version of Glen’s hit, “Gentle on My Mind,” featured in I’ll Be Me as well.

Glen Campbell’s children, Ashley and Shannon, played in their father’s bad on The Goodbye Tour. Even though they knew their dad was a living legend, meeting his fans on the road made a huge impression on them.

Ashley tells ABC News Radio, “Just [to] hear their own stories of what the show meant to them, and what Glen Campbell means to them. It was just so inspiring to know that my dad had inspired so many people. “

Glen’s wife, Kim Campbell, hopes I’ll Be Me introduces Glen’s music and legacy to an entirely new generation of fans.

She says, “A lot of people aren’t even aware that he’s one of the greatest guitar players that ever lived, and that he’s played on so many hits before — as part of the Wrecking Crew — before he was ever a solo artist himself. He maybe didn’t get the credit that he deserved for so many years. Now, I hope that this film will help people really understand how great of an artist he was.”

To find out where Glen Campbell: I’ll Be Me is playing in your area, go to

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Luke Bryan Finds “Bro Country” Label Aggravating and Derogatory

Image Courtesy CMALuke Bryan may sing about trucks and girls and drinking beer on a few of his songs, but don’t you dare call his music “bro country.”  Luke tells ABC News he finds that term aggravating and derogatory of the country music genre as a whole.

He says, “Yeah, do I sing about a truck and a beer on one song, but then do I sing about a completely different subject matter. I mean, listen to the whole album and don’t judge me on one song.”

Luke’s fans now have five hit singles to judge him on from his latest album, Crash My Party. Those #1 hits include the reflective song, “Drink a Beer,” as well as his latest chart-topper, “Roller Coaster.”

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Lady Antebellum Sits Down with Katie Couric to Launch New In-Depth Interview Series

Image Courtesy Capitol NashvilleLady Antebellum is the first act featured in a new music interview series from Yahoo, Live Nation and Citi called Backstage with Citi. Katie Couric conducts the interview, which is now available to Citi cardholders at The interview will go live on Yahoo Music this weekend.

Lady A’s Hillary Scott always enjoys sitting down with Katie Couric. She says, “”Katie is so good about digging in and really asking about the stories that inspire the music — from the studio to the stage. We always love chatting with her and think it’s a fun way to complement the concert experience for the fans!”

Lady Antebellum’s new single, “Freestyle,” is included on their latest album, 747, in stores now.

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Country Star Trivia

Comstock/ThinkstockSam Hunt is a co-writer on which #1 Kenny Chesney hit? ANSWER: “Come Over.”

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Lee Brice Trades the Beer Hall for the Boardroom in New Academy of Country Music Role

Image Courtesy Curb RecordsYou might not think of Lee Brice as the boardroom type, but he’s just been elected to the Academy of Country Music’s Board of Directors. The board is made up of music industry professionals, all of whom make decisions about the Academy’s events and projects, including the ACM Awards.

On the music front, Lee is currently climbing the chart with his latest hit, “Drinking Class.”

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“Nashville” Recap: “Road Happy”

Image Courtesy ABCOn Wednesday’s Nashville, Gunnar Scott got a huge shock when he found out his first love, Kylie, had a son named, Micah, born just months after she mysteriously left him and disappeared from his life. Kylie admitted Gunnar was the child’s father only after he pressed her on it.

Closeted country singer Will Lexington and his trainer/lover, Tony, had a big falling out on the road over a non-disclosure agreement Will wanted Tony to sign. Will’s tour mate, Deacon Claybourne, became suspicious when he saw the couple fighting in the hallway. Later, Will was gay-bashed in a park when he went looking for a guy to hook up with after Tony left. Deacon saw a battered Will return to the hotel, and warned him to stay away from cruising parks for sex.

Meanwhile, Will’s wife, Layla Grant, was unhappy with the sappy love songs her record label president, Jeff Fordham, was making her record. As you’ll recall, she’s threatening to out Will, who is also on Jeff’s label, if she doesn’t get to release her own country album that eventually gets certified gold. Later in the episode, Layla was suicidal as she contemplated downing a bottle of pills. She ended up shattering the bathroom mirror and cutting herself on the broken glass.

Rayna Jaymes felt guilty about leaving her kids at home while she was out on the road, so she flew them up with her fiancé, Luke Wheeler, for a day on the set of a car commercial. Later, Rayna’s ex-husband, Teddy Conrad, let their older daughter, Maddie, get her hair highlighted while their younger daughter, Daphne, got her ears pierced. When Rayna got upset with Teddy about making those decisions without her, he made it clear Rayna would have to accept that she would miss things in the kids’ lives. Teddy moved on from the death of his second wife, Peggy, with a little help from a Nashville socialite, too.

Juliette Barnes had to fend off her very angry ex-boyfriend, Avery Barkley, after he discovered she is pregnant with his child. Juliette was able to hide her pregnancy from everyone but her co-star on the set of the Patsy Cline biopic she is filming, but her baby was in jeopardy at the end of the episode as she stumbled offstage at a concert and passed out. Before she went dark, Juliette saw her backup singer, Zoey Dalton, step out into the spotlight to pick up her lead part on the song, “Tell That Devil.” We have a feeling Zoey will pay for upstaging Juliette once the superstar gets better.

Chaley Rose plays Zoey Dalton on Nashville, and she’s just as excited as the fans to discover those juicy plot twists. Her cast mate Sam Palladio, who plays Gunnar Scott, often gets the script before she does, so Chaley usually convinces Sam to email her the script. She then loads it into her Mac to find out what’s happening.

Chaley explains, “You type your name into iBooks, like, my character name, so I can read my scenes first. And then I go in order of whose storyline I’m most interested in. Yeah, it is exciting to find out what’s going to happen next.”

Several country stars will appear on Nashville in the coming weeks. Look for Sara Evans to guest star as herself on next week’s episode, Wednesday, October 29. On November 19, The Band Perry, Trisha Yearwood and Joe Nichols will all appear on Nashville to help them recreate the CMA Awards within the show.

As always, the new songs from Nashville, “Tell That Devil” and “Good Love,” are available at iTunes.

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Nashville Notes

Burke/Triolo Productions/ThinkstockKellie Pickler appears on The Queen Latifah Show Thursday to discuss her voice role in the new animated feature film Beauty and the Beet.

Lady Antebellum co-starred with Ellen DeGeneres and Bill Murray in a hilarious skit called “The Mattress Firm” on The Ellen DeGeneres Show Wednesday. Check it out at

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Sam Hunt Opens Up About His Unlikely Classic Country Influences

Image Courtesy David McClister/UMGSam Hunt‘s debut album, Montevallo, comes out Monday, and it’s getting a lot of buzz for Sam’s modern take on country music. Since he incorporates hip-hop and pop elements into his music, you might be surprised to learn about Sam’s classic country influences. In fact, the first CD he ever owned was a Greatest Hits compilation from Country Music Hall of Fame member Conway Twitty, best known for ’70s hits like “Hello Darlin’” and “I’d Just Love to Lay You Down.”

Sam tells ABC News Radio, “Of course, Conway Twitty was before my time, but I remember sitting with my grandmother at her house, and an infomercial came on for Conway Twitty Greatest Hits. She’s probably about like myself, kind of an impulse-buy type. She said, ‘You need this Conway Twitty.’”

Sam spent a lot of time soaking up Conway’s smooth singing style mixed with the occasional spoken word interlude. That influence might explain why Sam freely moves between speaking and singing his lyrics on Montevallo.

As for his songwriting, Sam was heavily influenced by Brad Paisley, whose early hit, “He Didn’t Have to Be,” had a big impact on Sam as a kid growing up in Georgia.

Says Sam, “I remember being at church on Wednesday night at Wednesday night supper, and getting the keys from my mom well before it was over to just go sit in the car and to turn the radio on and hopefully wait and catch that song.”

Sam is well on his way to earning his first chart-topper at country radio with “Leave the Night On,” which is included on Montevallo.

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Luke Bryan Releasing New Single, “I See You,” as 2014 That’s My Kind of Tour Wraps Up

Image Courtesy CMALuke Bryan is releasing a sixth single from his latest album. It’s titled, “I See You,” and Luke co-wrote it with hit songwriters Luke Laird and Ashley Gorley.

The new single release comes as Luke wraps up his 2014 That’s My Kind of Night tour this weekend with sold-out shows at The Hollywood Bowl and the Forum in Los Angeles. Look for ABC’s Nightline to feature an in-depth look at Luke’s life on the road Thursday night.

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Willie Nelson and Sister, Bobbie, Releasing Collaborative Album, “December Day,” on December 2

Image Courtesy Sony LegacyWillie Nelson and his sister, Bobbie Nelson, will release a new collaborative album, December Day: Willie’s Stash Vol. 1, on Tuesday, December 2.  The project features the siblings performing new versions of songs from Willie’s catalog as well as covers of American standards from Al Jolson and Irving Berlin.

Bobbie has performed in Willie’s band since 1973. Look for more installments in the Willie’s Stash series soon.

Here is the track listing for December Day: Willie’s Stash Vol. 1:

“Alexander’s Ragtime Band”
“Permanently Lonely”
“What’ll I Do”
“Summer of Roses”/”December Day”
“Mona Lisa”
“I Don’t Know Where I Am Today”
“Who’ll Buy My Memories”
“The Anniversary Song”
“Laws of Nature”
“I Let My Mind Wander”
“Is the Better Part Over”
“My Own Peculiar Way”
“Sad Songs and Waltzes”
“Ou-es tu, mon amour”/”I Never Cared for You”

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