Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood on Hand for Garth and Trisha’s Friday-Night Concert

CMAGarth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood‘s Friday-night concert in Chicago featured big stars onstage and in the audience. Kelly Clarkson joined Trisha to sing their new collaboration, “PrizeFighter.” It was Kelly’s first public appearance since giving birth to daughter River Rose in June, and she brought the little one along for the night.

Kelly tweeted, “It was River’s 1st concert!”

Kelly also posted a photograph of River in her car seat wearing pink, bedazzled headphones to protect her ears. Kelly’s friend, Lesley, made them, and they’re available for order at

Carrie Underwood was also in the audience for Garth and Trisha’s show Friday night. She posted a photo of the show on Instagram with a reference to her pregnancy in the caption. It reads, “I may have gotten misty-eyed a few times. Hormones? Maybe. Amazing concert? Definitely!”

Garth and Trisha continue their run of shows in Chicago Thursday night.

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Miranda Lambert Explains Why She Won’t Be Touring with Blake Shelton Anytime Soon

Image Courtesy Sony Music NashvilleBlake Shelton and Miranda Lambert are the hottest couple in country music these days, so it’s no wonder fans are eager to see them tour together. There was even a false report last week that Blake and Miranda turned down a million dollars for one performance together at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. Still, the couple doesn’t plan to share the stage for a major tour any time soon due to their demanding solo careers.

Miranda explains. “Me and him can sit there and be backroading and start singing a duet in the truck and be like, ‘Let’s tour! It’d be so fun!’ But then you have a whole ball of wax that’s like two different management teams, two different labels, two different bands and crews, two different booking agents.”

Blake and Miranda are both headlining their own tours right now, so they’re often playing arenas in different cities on the same night. There’s also the issue of putting together a show mixing Blake and Miranda’s music into one, cohesive set list.

“We’re different styles,” Miranda says. “We’d have to totally figure out how to make that work.”

As it is, Blake barely has time to tour on his own due to his hectic schedule as a coach on The Voice. He’s also gearing up to release a new album, Bringing Back the Sunshine, on September 30. Factor that in with Miranda’s string of headlining dates, and you’ve got a scheduling nightmare.

Says Miranda, “It’s always like, when it would happen, I’ve got a record coming out, or he’s got a record coming out, so we’re focused on our own solo thing. But I’m not saying we won’t. I definitely would love to.”

When they did a small tour together back in 2008, Blake and Miranda took separate buses. If they toured today, Miranda doesn’t see a need to change that setup just because they’re now husband and wife.

“It worked out well,” Miranda says with a laugh. “I was like, ‘I’m tired of you. Go to your bus.’ It’s too small of a space for that long of a time.”    

Blake’s Ten Times Crazier tour is on the road through October 5. Miranda has concert dates on the books through October 18.

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Carrie Underwood Returns for Second Season Singing the “Sunday Night Football” Opening

NBCCarrie Underwood kicks off her second season performing the opening theme, “Waiting All Day for Sunday Night,” on NBC’s Sunday Night Football this weekend. She took over the gig from Faith Hill last season, and Carrie took care to get the opening just right.

She says, “I got to go into the studio and kind of put my own spin on the song. Shooting the opener was so much fun.”

It was a no-brianer for Carrie to return for another season of Sunday Night Football.

“I was so excited, of course, when they asked me to come back for a second year and do it this year,” she says.

Watch Carrie’s new opening this Sunday night at 7 ET as the Denver Broncos host the Indianapolis Colts on NBC.

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Kenny Chesney Offers Fans Something Extra with ZinePak Edition of “The Big Revival”

Allister Ann/Sony Music NashvilleKenny Chesney’s new album, The Big Revival, will be available everywhere on September 23, but fans who pick it up at Walmart and will get a special 65-page ZinePak magazine filled with exclusive photos and essays.

Kenny says, “This has been an amazing ride, and to be able share some of it in a new way is pretty cool. This is a place where I was able to talk about what the songwriting means, why the fans mean so much to me. It’s very personal, and there’s no filter between myself and the readers.”

The Big Revival features Kenny’s latest hit, “American Kids,” as well as the song “If This Bus Could Talk,” featuring Alison Krauss and Dan Tyminski. His “Me and Tequila” duet partner Grace Potter also makes an appearance singing on the song “Wild Child.”

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Darius Rucker Recalls His Brief, but Hilarious Meeting with the Late Joan Rivers

Image Courtesy Capitol NashvilleDarius Rucker was one of the lucky people who got to spend some time with the late Joan Rivers, who passed away Thursday at age 81. The meeting took place in the mid-’90s in New York City when Darius was riding high as the front man for Hootie & the Blowfish.

He recalls, “I probably spent five minutes with her, and I spent five minutes trying not to fall down from laughing so hard.”

Darius prides himself on having a sharp sense of humor, but he was no match for Joan’s quick wit.

“Just that little bit of time I got to spend with her, I realized she was a comic genius,” Darius says. “She was just so funny. Whatever you said, she came back with something that was just hilarious. I enjoyed that time, and we lost a great one there.”

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Josh Turner and Wife, Jennifer, Welcome a Fourth Son

Image Courtesy MCA NashvilleCongratulations to Josh Turner and his wife, Jennifer, on the arrival of their fourth child Thursday. Samuel Hawke Turner was born weighing eight pounds, six ounces and measuring 20.5 inches. He joins older brothers Hampton, Colby and Marion.

Josh says, “God has truly blessed Jennifer and me with this healthy little boy. We are so thankful and excited to see our family grow yet again.”

On the music front, Josh’s new single, “Lay Low,” was just released to country radio.

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Lee Brice Draws a Line on Fan Criticism Via Social Media

CurbAs a country star in the public eye, Lee Brice is used to fans criticizing him on Twitter and Facebook. He can shake off most of the criticism off, but Lee took issue with a guy who accused him of being drunk onstage during a recent show in Indiana.

Lee responded to the fan on Twitter, “I had one drink. I take my job seriously. Sorry if you got the wrong impression. Give me your address, I’ll send your money back.”

Lee later told, “If you say, ‘Lee, you’re fat, and your show sucked,’ that’s one thing. You can have your opinion. But to say that I was drunk onstage, when I pride myself on being professional, it’s just slander. It burns me up.”

Lee reminds fans that celebrities often see the mean things written about them online, and the criticism can sting.

“People have a big platform these days,” Lee says.” And I just don’t think the younger folks know what it’s like to never have had that platform.  If you’re not gonna say something nice … say nothing at all.”

Lee’s new album, I Don’t Dance, is out Tuesday.

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Dustin Lynch and CMT Team Up for Empowering Education Initiative

Broken Bow RecordsDustin Lynch and CMT are teaming up to encourage people in rural, economically-depressed areas of the country to head back to school. The CMT Empowering Education initiative hopes to shine a light on the role community colleges play in giving people the skills they need to advance their careers and pursue their dreams.

Dustin says, “Education has always been important to me and to my family. In fact, I made a promise to my family that I would graduate from college before pursuing a career in music. I’m proud to be working with CMT’s Empowering Education campaign to help others find their path to higher education and to new careers.”

Dustin and CMT hope to get 500 people to sign up in support of the initiative at using the search term “CMT.” Ten of those people who sign up will win a Dustin Lynch prize pack, including his new album, Where’s It At. One lucky winner will get a VIP trip to Nashville to attend the 2015 CMT Music Awards with Dustin.

For more information, go to

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Country Star Trivia

Comstock/ThinkstockWhat is Carrie Underwood‘s middle name? ANSWER: Marie.

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Hunter Hayes Plays One-Man-Band, Performs “Tattoo” on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”

Image Courtesy Kristin Barlowe/Warner Music NashvilleOn Jimmy Kimmel Live! Thursday evening, Jimmy welcomed Hunter Hayes, who appeared both in a comedy sketch and to perform on the outdoor stage as part of Kimmel’s Summer Concert Series.  

Jimmy first introduced Hunter by explaining the nearly 23-year-old star can play 30 instruments. “I didn’t even know there were 30 instruments,” Jimmy quipped, then invited Hunter out to prove his skills.

Hayes came out, strapped up with dozens of instruments like one of those novelty “one man band” street performers, and began playing guitar and drums simultaneously — comically poorly.

“I think you might have took this a bit literally,” the overloaded Hayes said. “You can’t play them all at once?” Kimmel asked, joking. “I kinda prefer not to, but I’ll keep going…if you guys wanna keep rocking,” Hayes replied.

“We’ll figure it out and get back to you later,” Kimmel said, as the show went to a commercial. “That’s a better idea,” Hunter agreed. 

He later appeared to perform “Tattoo.” The performance was a preview of his upcoming Tattoo (Your Name) Tour, which kicks off October 30.

Before the tour gets underway in University Park, Pennsylvania, Hunter will pay tribute to the troops and their loved ones by playing one USO show in the U.S. and another one overseas.

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