Dustin Lynch Working to Build a Career That Will Keep Him “Around for a Long Time”

John Russell/CMADustin Lynch is putting in the hard work to build a career that lasts for decades. That means he’s going non-stop playing shows on Luke Bryan‘s Kick the Dust Up tour before launching his own headlining tour this November.

Dustin tells Oregon’s Register-Guard, “I don’t want to be a flash in the pan. I want to be somebody who’s around for a long time, like [George] Strait.

Since George was on the road for 30 years before retiring from touring, Dustin wouldn’t be able to even think about parking his tour bus until 2040.

“I can only hope to be around that long,” Dustin says. “I’m sure going to try.”

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Luke Bryan Enjoying Watching His Nephew, Til, Grow as a Young Man

Joseph LlanesLuke Bryan calls his nephew, Til, an “amazing young man to have in the house.” The teenager came to live with Luke’s family late last year following the death of Til’s parents, Luke’s sister and her husband, over an eight-year period.

Luke tells the San Jose Mercury News, “You don’t get a manual on the way the cards have been dealt. We are just excited watching [Til] grow as a young man and putting a lot of amazing opportunities in his path and seeing which way he takes them.”

Til’s two older sisters are with Luke and the family quite a bit, too. That’s proving to be a challenge since Luke and his wife, Caroline, have only raised boys up until now.

The country superstar adds, “I’ve never had to be an influence on girls, so I’m trying to figure that whole world out, too.”

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Darius Rucker Says “Everybody Wants Country Music to Be the Same”

Capitol NashvilleHave you ever heard a song on country radio and thought, “There’s absolutely nothing country about that song?” You’re not alone.

Darius Rucker has had the same thought, but he also feels that country music should be allowed to change with the times, just like every other style of music.

He explains to Pennsylvania’s The Morning Call, “There’s this whole fashion of people who want to take back country music and make it old school and country music to those people is the only kind of music that’s not allowed to evolve.”

Since he began his music career in the pop-rock world with Hootie & The Blowfish, Darius refers to past rock music greats to argue it’s not realistic to expect young fans to instantly relate to music that’s decades older than they are.

“I mean, rock ‘n’ roll, there’s nobody sounds like The Beatles. There’s nobody sounds like Bill Haley and The Comets right now,” Darius says. “Pop music has changed drastically over the years and keeps changing. And, you know, everybody wants country music to be the same.”

Of note, Darius says his latest album, Southern Style, is his most country-sounding project to date. The title cut is climbing the country radio chart now.

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Hunter Hayes Announces 21 Tour Dates, Starting in October

Warner Music NashvilleHunter Hayes has revealed the dates for his upcoming 21 tour, kicking off October 22 in North Carolina. The shows will be more intimate events, with most dates taking place on college campuses.

Kelsea Ballerini has signed on to join the tour’s November 5 date at Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green.

Look for Hunter to announce more dates soon.  Here are the ones he’s just announced:

10/22 — Cullowhee, NC, Western Carolina University
10/23 — Kent, OH, Kent State University
10/24 — Highland Falls, NY, West Point Eisenhower Hall Theater
10/29 — West Lafayette, IN, Purdue University
11/5 — Bowling Green, KY, Western Kentucky University
11/14 — Norman, OK, University of Oklahoma
11/19 — Winston-Salem, NC, Wake Forest University

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Dolly Parton Open to Guest-Starring on “Grace & Frankie”; Developing “Jolene” TV Movie

Webster PRDolly Parton hasn’t seen her 9 to 5 co-stars Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda‘s new Netflix series, Grace and Frankie, but she’s still open to joining them for a guest appearance.

Dolly says, “I told them whenever I get a little block of time, I’d love to come be on the show.”

Grace and Frankie has gotten great reviews and earned Tomlin an Emmy nomination for the first season. Dolly is proud of her friends’ success, and says they’ve been looking for something to do together since 9 to 5 was such a monster hit in 1980, but time isn’t on their side anymore.

Dolly says with a laugh, “It’s not gonna be 9 to 5. It’s gonna be The Good, The Bad and The Ugly and The Older, or it’s going to be 95 instead of 9 to 5.”

Dolly’s currently working on Coat of Many Colors, the first of a series of TV movies based on her songs as part of a deal with NBC. The network will premiere that movie this holiday season, and producers have announced plans to follow it up with a TV movie version of Dolly’s 1973 hit song, “Jolene.”

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Country Star Trivia

Comstock/ThinkstockWhat is Carrie Underwood‘s middle name? ANSWER: Marie.

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Nashville Notes

Burke/Triolo Productions/ThinkstockFrankie Ballard teamed up with the CMA Foundation and Chevrolet to open the Notes for Notes recording studio at the Sports Academics Youth Detroit Play Center. The recording space features brand-new instruments, and Frankie opened the facility playing “I’m Thinking Country.”

Luke Bryan and Reba enjoyed lunch together with a group at Del Frisco’s in New York City Wednesday. According to People, Reba’s manager, Narvel Blackstock, was there, too. The couple announced their separation on August 3.

Carrie Underwood is hitting the big screen this weekend. A two-and-a-half-minute feature on the making of her “Waiting All Day for Sunday Night” NFL Sunday Night Football opening will debut Friday as part of the FirstLook pre-show program in movie theaters across the country.

Montgomery Gentry will appear on Fox News’s Hannity on Monday, August 17.

Kelly Clarkson covered Wynonna‘s 1992 hit, “No One Else on Earth,” during her show in Seattle this week.

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Florida Georgia Line Will Give Country Radio a Rest Before Releasing Their Genre-Redefining Next Single

Republic NashvilleOnce Florida Georgia Line‘s latest single, “Anything Goes,” ends its run to #1 at country radio, the duo plans to take a few weeks away from country radio before releasing another single. They confirm that “Anything Goes” is the last single from their current album of the same name.

FGL’s Brian Kelley explains, “We’re gonna give some time from country radio, give it a rest for a second. We haven’t done that since we came out, really. We tried to do that with ‘Dirt.’

FGL’s Tyler Hubbard chimes in, “It won’t feel that way. They say that every time we get done [with a new album] ‘We’re gonna take a break.'”

When they do come back with the first single from their third album, Brian expects the reaction from fans to be on par with FGL’s monster debut single, “Cruise.”

“I think our music is on another level from anything that we’ve ever done. I think content, lyrically, musically,” Brian says of the new material. “I think the next single, I’m not even gonna tell you the title, but I think it’s going to change country music again.”

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Jennifer Nettles Reveals She Was Handpicked by Dolly Parton for “Coat of Many Colors” Role

CMAJennifer Nettles was handpicked by Dolly Parton to play the role of Dolly’s mother in the upcoming TV movie Coat of Many Colors. The decision was made while Dolly was watching audition tapes with the movie producers.

Jennifer tells ABC Radio, “What they told me was that Dolly saw my reading and that towards the end of it she was emotional and moved and said, ‘Yes, that is my mom.’ So, I love hearing that.”

While she has met Dolly a few times, Jennifer is looking forward to working with the country superstar to flesh out the role of Avie Lee Parton.

“I’m interested just to ask [Dolly] about how [her mother] was from a personality standpoint,” Jennifer says as she prepares to start filming. “You can get some things from the script, but some things are able to be interpreted, and I want to interpret those the right way. What kind of levity did she have and when? Was she very loud? Was she very reserved?”

Dolly Parton’s Coat of Many Colors will premiere on NBC this holiday season.

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Jerrod Niemann’s “Blue Bandana” Video Premiering Tonight in Times Square

Sony Music NashvilleJerrod Niemann‘s new video for “Blue Bandana” is getting a larger-than-life premiere in the heart of New York Thursday night. Jerrod has teamed up with Vevo to debut the clip on the Sony Digital Billboard in Times Square at 8 p.m. ET as the video goes live on Vevo.

“Blue Bandana” is the lead single from Jerrod’s upcoming studio album. We’ll let you know when he announces an album release date and title.

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