Brad Paisley Recalls His Days of Living on the “River Bank”

Arista NashvilleWhen Brad Paisley sings about enjoying some fun on the “River Bank” in his latest single, he’s drawing from his childhood experiences back home in West Virginia.

Brad says, “I grew up maybe a thousand yards from the Ohio River, if that, and that was where we spent every day when it was nice. My family had a boat. I learned to ski on that river.”

Looking back on that time, Brad is most fond of the time he got to spend with his dad and grandpa out on that boat.

“There’s something about that as being, in my opinion, the answer to happiness,” Brad explains.

“River Bank” is now available for download. Brad premiered the song last month on the ACM Awards.

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Nashville Notes

Burke/Triolo Productions/ThinkstockJoshua Scott Jones of Steel Magnolia fame will release his solo debut album, The Healing, in June 3.

Brantley Gilbert co-wrote the Jason Aldean hits “Dirt Road Anthem” and “My Kinda Party.”

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Brantley Gilbert Honoring Troops with Motorcycle Ride from Athens to Arlington Starting May 21

Valory Music Co.Brantley Gilbert is celebrating the launch of his new album, Just As I Am, with a Harley-Davidson ride from Athens, GA to Arlington, VA. Harley and the military charity Folds of Honor are sponsoring the trek kicking off May 21. Brantley will perform a kick-off concert May 20 at Athens’ Georgia Theater, which is one of the first big venues Brantley played when he was staring his career.

Earlier this month, fans were asked to submit names of their friends and family members who lost their lives in military service. Those names will cover a bus following Brantley on the ride from Athens to Arlington.

More details on the ride will be announced the week of May 12. Just As I Am is due out May 19.

Here’s a list of stops on Brantley’s motorcycle ride:

Tuesday, 5/20
Athens, GA, The Georgia Theater

Wednesday, 5/21
Athens, GA, Album signing breakfast & ride kick-off event
Atlanta, GA, Best Buy in-store album signing
Augusta, GA, Album signing event

Thursday, 5/22
Columbia, SC, Walmart in-store album signing event
Greenville, SC, Best Buy in-store album event

Friday, 5/23
Gaffney, SC, Harold’s
Charlotte, NC, Best Buy in-store album signing

Saturday, 5/24
Forest City, IA, Tree Town Music Festival

Sunday, 5/25
Charlotte, NC, Coca Cola 600 pre-race concert at Charlotte Motor Speedway
Greensboro, NC, Album signing event

Monday, 5/26
Washington, D.C., Arlington National Cemetery Ceremony

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Miranda Lambert Admits She Was a “Real Goody Two-Shoes” in High School

Photo Credit: David McClisterJudging from her hits “Gunpowder and Lead” and “Fastest Girl in Town,” you might assume Miranda Lambert was a wild child in school. In reality, Miranda describes herself back then as a “real goody two-shoes.”

She tells Entertainment Weekly, “I was a cheerleader. I sang in church, and was just straight down the middle. Then I started playing bars at 19 and was like, ‘Oh! There’s a world.’”

Miranda even made her own merchandise — Texas cowboy hats — for those early bar gigs.

She explains, “I would buy them in bulk at Walmart, paint them like the Texas flag, crimp them around the edges, and then sell them for gas money to get home.”

Miranda sings about those simpler days in her latest hit, “Automatic.” It’s the lead single from her new album, Platinum, due out June 3.

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Here’s Your Chance to Have a Drink with Toby Keith

Show Dog/UniversalEver wanted to have a drink with Toby Keith? Here’s your chance.

Toby has launched the “Drinks After Work” sweepstakes in conjunction with his Wild Shot Mezcal, and five grand-prize winners will get to bring a friend to have drinks with Toby at one of his Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar & Grill locations. Fans can enter once a day through August 31 at Winners will be announced September 12.

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Justin Moore Admits He’s Not a “True Handyman”

Valory Music Co.If you’ve got a big building project coming up at home, don’t call Justin Moore. While the country star is fine with fixing a flat tire or making simple repairs around the house, he’s not good with bigger construction projects.

“I can’t just look at a room and build a cabinet in a few days to put in a room, or something like that,” Justin says. “I know guys like that and I’m jealous of those guys. So, I can do the normal piddly stuff around the house but I wouldn’t consider myself a true handyman.”

It’s a good thing Justin is great at writing songs and singing them on the road. See where he’s playing next at

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Country Star Trivia

Comstock/ThinkstockWhat is the title of Justin Moore‘s current album and tour? ANSWER: Off the Beaten Path.

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“Nashville” Recap: Your Good Girl’s Gonna Go Bad

ABC/Craig SjodinScarlett O’Connor made it through the aftermath of her onstage breakdown on ABC’s Nashville Wednesday night. After doctors assured her she isn’t addicted to those pills she’s been popping in recent weeks, Scarlett stood up to her emotionally abusive mother, Beverly, who was mostly to blame for the breakdown.

Scarlett’s ex-boyfriend, Gunnar Scott, didn’t feel welcome visiting Scarlett in the hospital following her breakdown. Instead, he wrote a song, “It Ain’t Yours to Throw Away,” to encourage Scarlett to hold on to her musical talents.  That song is now available for download at iTunes.

It doesn’t look like Scarlett will continue chasing the dream of being a country star. She told Rayna Jaymes she never really wanted to be famous, and Rayna let Scarlett out of her record deal with Highway 65. While in the hospital, Scarlett found comfort from her first ex-boyfriend, Avery Barkley, who is now dating Juliette Barnes. Juliette overheard Scarlett and Avery telling each other they still loved each other on some level. That revelation led Juliette to hook up with her former record label president, Jeff Fordham, at a Music Row industry party.

Jeff’s current, hot act, Will Lexington, has been approached to do a reality show with his new wife, Layla Grant. Jeff warned Will this reality show would probably uncover his secret homosexuality, but Will went forward with plans for the reality show anyway.

In real life, Clare Bowen, who plays Scarlett O’Connor, has found a welcome home in the country music industry. During her recent performance onstage in Nashville with Zac Brown Band, Clare felt pure joy connecting with the crowd through music.

As for working with Zac, Clare tells ABC News Radio, “There’s something about standing up onstage and giving people that gift. He helped me discover where I feel like I belong.” 

Clare is featured on The Music of Nashville Original Soundtrack Season 2 Volume 2, due out next week. Nashville returns with a brand-new episode next Wednesday night at 10 ET on ABC.

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Nashville Notes

Burke/Triolo Productions/ThinkstockLuke Bryan is spending another week at #1 on Billboard‘s Country Albums chart with Crash My Party.

Keith Urban will perform the song “Good Thing” from his album Fuse on Fox’s American Idol Thursday night at 9 ET.

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Brantley Gilbert’s Life Story Is Tattooed All Over His Body

Valory Music Co.Brantley Gilbert may only be 29 years old, but he’s got a lifetime of memories covering his body in the form of tattoos. The country star considers his body to be a canvas telling the story of his life through body art.

Brantley explains, “When you look in the mirror you remember all the things you’ve been through and the things that are important to you and the beliefs you have that are gonna take you through everything else that you hadn’t gone through yet.”

Like most parents, Brantley’s mom and dad weren’t happy when he started getting tattoos. It looks like Brantley has converted his father to the “dark side,” though.

“I think he’s about to get his first one, this year,” says Brantley. “And I’ll definitely be havin’ some additions, but I can’t let the cat out the bag on that yet.”

Look for Brantley’s new album, Just as I Am, to be released May 19 featuring his latest hit, ‘Bottoms Up.”

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