Rodney Atkins Releasing First “Greatest Hits” Album February 3

Image Courtesy Curb RecordsRodney Atkins will release his first-ever Greatest Hits album on February 3, 2015, featuring his latest single, “Eat Sleep Love You Repeat.”

You can pre-order the album now and get an instant download of the single instantly. The project also includes Rodney’s six #1 hits, including “If You’re Going Thru Hell (Before the Devil Even Knows), “Take a Back Road.” and “Watching You.”

Here’s Rodney Atkins’ Greatest Hits track listing:

“If You’re Going Thru Hell (Before the Devil Even Knows)”
“Watching You”
“These Are My People”
“Cleaning This Gun (Come on in Boy)”
“Take a Back Road”
“Farmer’s Daughter”
“It’s America”
“Invisibly Shaken”
“Honesty (Write Me a List)”
“He’s Mine”
“About the South”
“Eat Sleep Love You Repeat”

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Country Star Trivia

Comstock/ThinkstockWho is Blake Shelton‘s duet partner on the hit song “Hillbilly Bone?” ANSWER: Trace Adkins.

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Little Big Town Reveals Their Most Memorable Christmas Gifts

Image Courtesy Capitol NashvilleLittle Big Town‘s Kimberly Schlapman doesn’t have to think too hard to recall the sweetest Christmas gift her husband, Stephen, ever bought for her. They’d been together for about two or three years when he got her a diamond bow necklace to celebrate the holiday.

Kimberly gushes, “He said, ‘I gave you that because you’re my present, and I wanted you to have a bow.’”

Kimberly’s band mate, Karen Fairchild, quickly takes the Christmas memory down a different road, adding, “He wanted you to just wear the bow?” Kimberly fires back saying, “No,” but their band mate, Phillip Sweet, chimes in saying, “I think that’s what he meant, though.”

As for the other members of LBT, Karen recalls getting a Sit-and-Spin toy when she was a kid.

“I just twirled around,” Karen remembers. “Maybe that’s what’s wrong with me now. I twirled around for hours and hours and hours and hours. I loved that thing.”

Phillip got a Stretch Armstrong doll one Christmas, but the gift didn’t last too long.

Says Phillip, “I thought that was the coolest thing ever until I stretched him too far and then he busted. Sorry, Stretch. He only lived for a little while, but it was fun.”

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Tim McGraw Reflects on His Most Meaningful Christmas Memories

Image Courtesy Big Machine RecordsTim McGraw and his wife, Faith Hill, can look back on many years of great Christmas mornings with their three daughters, even though the girls often got up very early to see what was waiting under the tree.

Says Tim, “We’ve had great memories with the kids for Christmas and the comin’ out at Christmas morning when Santa Claus has come and gettin’ up at four in the morning and doin’ all those things, which are very special.”

Looking back to his own childhood, Tim remembers the one Christmas when he started to feel like a grownup helping his mom with his sisters’ Christmas gift.

“I remember bein’, I don’t know probably eleven-years-old or so, and my mom askin’ me to put together a doll house for my sisters,” Tim says, “and that was the first time that I actually got to participate and, like, be the man of the house with my mom and put together all the Christmas stuff for my sisters, and that was sort of a graduating-to-a-young-man, I think, in my eyes, thing for me.”

Tim’s acting career includes a small role in the holiday comedy, Four Christmases, starring Vince Vaughn and Reese Witherspoon.

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Nashville Notes

Burke/Triolo Productions/ThinkstockLady Antebellum‘s Charles Kelley was heavily influenced by British soul singer Joe Cocker, who passed away Sunday at age 70. Charles tweeted, “Just heard Joe Cocker passed away. Sad to hear that. When I say HUGE influence, that’s an understatement. He will be missed.”

Blake Shelton tweeted out a holiday wish Monday: “In case I forget Merry Christmas yall!! Now get the hell off Twitter… It’s the holidays!!!!

Nashville guitar player Chip Young, best known for playing that signature guitar riff on Dolly Parton‘s “Jolene,” died Saturday at age 76, according to The Tennessean.

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Florida Georgia Line Probably Won’t Be Writing Christmas Songs During the Holiday Break

Image Courtesy Republic NashvilleFlorida Georgia Line‘s Brian Kelley is spending a quiet Christmas at home after wrapping up a very hectic 2014. A lot of that time will be spent in the rustic treehouse Brian and his wife, Brittney, added to their home this year.

“Yeah, just kind of hanging out with the dogs, the wife, just kind of relaxing,” Brian tells ABC News Radio. “Maybe write some songs in the treehouse. It’s gonna be good to be in Nashville, be at home and just kind of kick it.”

Brian and his duo partner, Tyler Hubbard, probably won’t be writing any Christmas songs over the break, though. In fact, fans will have to wait a long time before they hear FGL release any Christmas music.

Tyler explains, “I actually don’t mind Christmas music, but I do mind singing it. So, I don’t know. It may be 10 years before BK and myself release a Christmas album, but I’ve learned to never say never.”

Look for Florida Georgia Line to perform on Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest next week.

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Justin Moore Reveals What Christmas Morning Is Like with His Little Girls

Image Courtesy Valory Music Co.Justin Moore‘s two oldest daughters are polar opposites when it comes to waking up, and the difference is especially obvious on Christmas morning.

Justin says, “[My oldest] Ella‘s the one who gets up a hundred miles an hour. Like, no easing into the morning. It’s just non-stop from the word go. Now, my middle daughter, her little sister, [three-year-old Kennedy] is like me. She’s just kind of groggy for an hour or two.”

Ella is very specific on what she wants to find under the Christmas tree this year — a unicorn. She got the idea on a recent family trip to Sea World.

Justin says with a smile, “Well, she saw [a unicorn] at the zoo, but it had not grown his horn yet. He was too young. I’d like to thank the Sea World trainers for letting her know that.”

Justin and his wife, Kate, welcomed a third daughter, Rebecca, in July.

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Tim McGraw and Faith Hill Selling the Rest of Their Nashville-Area Property for $18.5 Million

Image Courtesy Red Light ManagementTim McGraw and Faith Hill are looking to sell the remaining 623 acres of their property just south of Nashville for $18.5 million. According to Zillow, the couple recently sold a portion of the land, and they’re now offering the rest of property in two parcels.

One part is offered at $10 million, complete with a circa 1800 log home on 353 acres. That part has a 12-stall barn and a guest house, too. The smaller part is on sale for $8.5 million and includes the Beechwood Hall house, which was completed four years before the Civil War. That property is reportedly in need of a renovation.

The couple’s main residence is located closer to downtown Nashville.

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Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert Play Surprise Show at Her Oklahoma Bed and Breakfast

Image Courtesy CMABlake Shelton and Miranda Lambert played a very small show at her Ladysmith bed and breakfast in Tishomingo, Oklahoma, on Friday. According to Oklahoma TV station KXII, Blake and Miranda announced the all-ages show via the Ladysmith’s Facebook page just hours before it started. There was a $5 cover, and about 80 people were on hand for the show. The fans got to meet Blake and Miranda after the concert.

Miranda opened the Ladysmith in September across the street from her boutique, The Pink Pistol. For more information, go to

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Country Star Trivia

Comstock/ThinkstockGarth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood recently celebrated their wedding anniversary. What year did they get married? ANSWER: 2005.

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