Zac Brown Knew It Was Love at First Kiss with Wife, Shelly

Image Courtesy Southern GroundIn the latest single from Zac Brown Band, lead singer Zac Brown sings that he’s “got good looking woman with her arms ‘round me.”  He’s singing about his wife of nearly a decade, Shelly, who is the mother of their five kids. Zac says it was love at first kiss for him and Shelly, who met after one of the band’s early concerts.

“We ended up New Year’s Eve playin’ a show. My date had stood me up,” Zac recalls of that night he first kissed Shelly. “I remember walkin’ back to my friends with like two minutes before midnight and thinkin’, ‘I’m not gonna have anybody to kiss on New Year’s,’ and there she was, standin’ right there and I remember kissin’ her. “

Zac says that moment was “game over” for him, and he’s been with Shelly ever since. “Homegrown” is the lead single from Zac Brown Band’s new album, Jekyll + Hyde, due out April 28.

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The Band Perry Added to ACM Lifting Lives Gala

Image Courtesy Republic NashvilleThe Band Perry has joined the lineup for the ACM Lifting Lives One Night, Two Cities All Music Gala coming up Friday, April 17. The sibling trio will perform at both the Omni Dallas Hotel in Dallas, Texas and the Fort Worth Zoo in Fort Worth, Texas that night.  They’re bringing along some surprise guests, too.

Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood are hosting both events, which will run simultaneously. TV host Montel Williams will help host the Dallas gala, while Entertainment Tonight co-host Nancy O’Dell will serve as emcee at the Fort Worth event.

Lady Antebellum, Hunter Hayes, Keith Urban and Little Big Town are among the other stars performing at the ACM Lifting Lives fundraisers that night. Tickets are available at

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Chris Young, Jerrod Niemann and More Playing Boots on the Beach Vacation in Jamaica

Image Courtesy Sony Music NashvilleChris Young, Jerrod Niemann and Tyler Farr are headlining the Boots on the Beach Vacation at Sandals Resort in Jamaica this Memorial Day Weekend. The event runs May 22 through 26. Casey James is on the bill along with newcomers Cam, Josh Dorr and Logan Mize.

In keeping with the spirit of Memorial Day, the Boots on the Beach Vacation will raise money for The Boot Campaign, an organization working to provide assistance to military personnel and their families.

For more information on the vacation package, go to

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Garth Brooks Playing Omaha May 8 and 9

Image Courtesy Chris Hollo/Grand Ole OpryGarth Brooks will play the CenturyLink Center in Omaha, Nebraska on May 8 and 9. Trisha Yearwood is also on the bill for these shows, which mark Garth’s first time playing Nebraska in 17 years.

Tickets go on sale Friday, March 27 through

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Country Star Trivia

Comstock/ThinkstockWho was the last female act to win ACM Entertainer of the Year? ANSWER: Taylor Swift in 2012.

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Lee Brice Explains How College Football Prepared Him for Country Stardom

Image Courtesy Curb RecordsLee Brice has a pretty sweet gig as a country star, but the singer still misses his days playing college football as a long snapper for the Clemson Tigers in South Carolina.

“I miss the contact, the training and just playing the game,” Lee tells Florida Today. “I love the competition. I love the physical side of it and being able to go out there and have proof of who you are.”

The discipline Lee learned on the football field translates to his current career as a singer/songwriter. While he used to write songs only when inspiration hit, Lee now approaches that craft as a professional.

He says, “You learn after a while that you have to get up every day and put yourself in the position to write and work at it, so now it is a mixture of what moves me and approaching it as a writer.”

Lee Brice returns to Clemson University for a headlining concert April 11.

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Brett Eldredge Keeps It Clean and Weird on His Social Media Accounts

Image Courtesy Warner Music NashvilleBrett Eldredge scores his third consecutive #1 hit this week with “Mean to Me,” but Brett’s creativity can’t be contained in his music. That’s why he’s one of country music’s most active artists on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and now, Snapchat. Brett has posted off-the-wall observations and thoughts on Twitter for a few years now, but Snapchat allows him to capture wacky moments on video. Recently, Brett posted short clips of himself jumping in puddles during a Nashville rain storm and playing tennis with his camera-shy mom.


Sometimes Ya gotsta give your mom some flowerssss!

A video posted by Brett Eldredge (@bretteldredge) on Mar 12, 2015 at 6:13pm PDT


“I just want you to have a little bit of a different experience,” Brett tells ABC Radio of his social media strategy. “Yeah, it might be wacky, but instead of saying, ‘I’m going to the gym,’ or ‘I just had a great cheeseburger,’ I’m gonna say something way crazier than that.”

Brett doesn’t worry about his social media rubbing anyone the wrong way since he makes a point of not posting anything offensive.

He says, “I figured out that as long as you keep it mostly clean, you can get as weird as you want. As long as you keep it clean, just throw it out there. I have a huge imagination, so I just want to be random.”

Posting so much on social media benefit Brett’s songwriting, too

“It keeps me creative in my mind,” Brett says, “and I’m glad that people don’t think I’m completely insane.”

Of note, Brett is currently collecting ideas on how he should celebrate scoring his third #1 hit with “Mean to Me.” He went skydiving when “Don’t Ya” became his first chart-topper, and followed that up with a shark diving trip to the Bahamas to mark his second #1 hit, “Beat of the Music.” Fans can submit their ideas for his third celebration by tagging him on Twitter, @bretteldredge, using the hashtag #BrettsNextAdventure.

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Nashville Notes

Burke/Triolo Productions/ThinkstockAccording to officials in Panama City Beach, Florida, more than 400,000 fans caught Luke Bryan‘s final two spring break shows at Spinnaker Beach Club last week.

Miranda Lambert now has her own rose. The Miranda Lambert Rose is a hot pink Hybrid Tea and will be released in early 2016. Certified Roses, Inc. developed the flower, and a percentage of the rose’s sales will benefit Miranda’s MuttNation Foundation.

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Brad Paisley Recalls Flying, Sleeping, and Stealing on Air Force One

Arista NashvilleMonday night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live! was the first of a week of shows in in Austin, Texas. One of Jimmy’s guests was Brad Paisley, who closed the show by performing “Crushin’ It,” from the hit album Moonshine in the Trunk.

Paisley also chatted with Kimmel and recalled what it was like to fly on Air Force One with President Obama last year, when the president asked Brad to travel to Afghanistan to entertain the troops.

“It’s absolutely amazing, but they didn’t really build it for a lot of people to sleep,” Brad recalled and added, “the seats recline, but they’re not as comfortable as you might think, so a lot of the people were like, ‘Just grab a piece of floor.’ So it’s like camp.”

“So if the president has to go to the bathroom, he has to step over you?” Kimmel asked, incredulously. “Well, he has his own thing,” Paisley explained.

The long flight did give Brad a chance to get some work done. “I had my laptop and we were working on a mix, and then realized I finished this [song] somewhere over the Black Sea, probably, on Air Force One.”

“So in a way, the president was a kind of your co-producer on this thing,” Kimmel joked before Brad cut him off. “He didn’t use those big ears to listen in, and see what was going on?” the comic asked. 

“You would think, but no,” Paisley laughed.

Being on the presidential plane also apparently brought out a sticky-fingered streak in Brad, however.  The singer recalled that his home bar is stocked with Air Force One-branded bric-a-brac. “I took a lot of beer and whiskey glasses from Air Force One, with the logos, just stole them right off the — ” 

“You stole them, from the plane, from the American people!” Kimmel interjected, feigning shock.

“I actually…” Paisley hesitated, before changing his tune. “I didn’t actually steal them, but it makes for a better story.”

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Eric Church Keeps the Fans Guessing with Singles from “The Outsiders”

Image Courtesy CMAEric Church has scored two #1 hits off his latest album, The Outsiders, with “Talladega” and “Give Me Back My Hometown.” He also had two more adventurous singles from that album, “Cold One” and “The Outsiders.” While Eric is glad to have a big presence on the airwaves, he’s also excited to throw some musical curve balls to keep his fans guessing.

“That’s the fun part,” Eric tells Rolling Stone Country. “[Outsiders] is supposed to be a little bit crazy and now, coming off of that, I’m just not scared to go really anywhere. I feel like we can chase a bunch of different things and it’d be cool to see what happens.”

Eric plans to start work on his next studio album this summer. For now, he’s climbing the charts again with the sexy new single, “Like a Wrecking Ball.” It’s the fifth track released from The Outsiders.

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