Chase Bryant Earning a Reputation as Country Music’s Best New Chef

Image Courtesy Broken Bow Label GroupChase Bryant is a triple-threat when it comes to singing, writing and performing guitar on all his songs. His creativity doesn’t stop when he leaves the stage, though. Chase is fast becoming one of country music’s best chefs, too. He’s mastered Italian, Mexican and steak dishes in the past few years, but Chase’s specialty is still his grandmother’s fried chicken recipe.

Chase tells ABC Radio, “I like to make it like my grandma used to. Put it in a brown bag and shake it up and then toss it in the fryer and go to town.”

Lately, Chase has been drawing culinary inspiration from TV cooking shows like Chopped and Top Chef, and the results are pretty out there.

“I’m taking, like, wacky ideas like making these crazy sauces out of, like, cotton candy and different stuff,” Chase explains. “It’s crazy, but it’s really cool. I’m just way into it.”

Getting creative in the kitchen ultimately helps recharge Chase’s batteries when it’s time to make music again.

He says, “It’s a way to be creative in another way and kind of get away from the music for a minute and just kind of give it a break. So, that’s really cool. “

Chase is currently on the road with his Take It On Back tour. He’ll join Tim McGraw‘s Shotgun Rider tour starting in May.

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Randy Houser Creating Magic Moments Opening for Luke Bryan This Year

Image Courtesy Stoney Creek RecordsRandy Houser just wrapped up his first run of shows opening for Luke Bryan, and performing on Luke’s massive stage is requiring some adjustment for Randy.

He tells ABC Radio, “It is amazing all the real estate that’s out there. The big stage. There’s a lot of ground to cover.”

On some tours, Randy would be restricted to performing on a small portion of the stage, but Luke has given Randy the freedom to use the entire stage and all his video screens to create the best show possible.

“He’s so gracious,” Randy says of Luke. “Gives us access to all the production and everything. It’s just really neat. We’ve had a blast.”

Even though Randy is entertaining the largest audiences of his career, he still tries to create intimate moments during his concerts. He pulled that off recently by playing his latest hit, “Like a Cowboy,” backed up by a single acoustic guitar.

Randy says of that performance, “It was such an amazing thing to hear people really singing with me on it. It was, I don’t know, a really unexplainable feeling. Really, one of the best experiences I’ve ever had playing music.”

“Like a Cowboy” is the latest single from Randy’s current album, How Country Feels.

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Faith Hill’s Pixie Cut Is Most-Googled Hairstyle from Oscars Red Carpet

Image Courtesy ABC/Rick RowellIf you notice a lot of women coming out of your local salon with much shorter hair, you can thank Faith Hill. According to Google, her blonde pixie cut was the most-searched hairstyle from the red carpet at last month’s Oscars.

Faith was on hand to support her husband, Tim McGraw, who sang the nominated song “I’m Not Gonna Miss You,” from the documentary Glen Campbell…I’ll Be Me.

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Miranda Lambert Gets New Tattoo to Celebrate Certified Platinum Tour

Image Courtesy CMAMiranda Lambert is having such a great time on her Certified Platinum tour, she got a new tattoo to celebrate the experience. Miranda, her backup singer Gwen Sebastian, and opening act RaeLynn took to Instagram to show off the matching music note tattoos they got on their forearms over the weekend in Tulsa, OK.



The three ladies sing the Dixie Chicks‘ “Cowboy Take Me Away” during the show every night, so the tattoos represent their performance as a trio.The caption to the photograph says, “Inked in perfect harmony. Thank you Brookside Tattoo! #sisterink.”

Miranda continues her Certified Platinum tour with a show at the Houston Rodeo Thursday night.

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Blake Shelton and Ashley Monroe Celebrate Separate Milestones with #1 Hit, “Lonely Tonight”

Image Courtesy CMABlake Shelton has scored his 14th consecutive #1 hit with “Lonely Tonight,” featuring Ashley Monroe.  It’s his 19th career #1, but “Lonely Tonight” marks the first time Ashley has topped the country airplay chart.

Blake says, “What I’m most excited about with this particular song is that it’s the launch of Ashley Monroe’s solo career and she’s so talented and deserves this opportunity. That’s really the highlight of this one for me is to see her finally getting the credit she’s deserved for a long time.”

Ashley thanks Blake for giving her the opportunity to sing on “Lonely Tonight.”

“It’s so incredible to see my name aside his at the #1 spot on the chart,” Ashley says. “Since I was a little girl it’s been my dream to be a part of country radio and this is truly a dream come true for me.”

“Lonely Tonight” is the latest single from Blake’s current album, Bringing Back the Sunshine. Ashley’s new solo single, “On to Something Good,” is now starting its climb up the country chart.

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Brad Paisley and Hunter Hayes Among Winners of 2015 YouTube Music Awards

Image Courtesy CMAYou clicked on their videos and made it happen. Brad Paisley and Hunter Hayes are among the winners of the 2015 YouTube Music Awards.

Pop stars Taylor Swift, Sam Smith, Lady Gaga, Meghan Trainor, and Katy Perry are also among the 50 acts being recognized for their unique YouTube contributions.

The winners were chosen based on the biggest growth in views, subscribers and engagement over the last six months. Together, these artists were watched over 47 billion times.

In honor of the artists who proved their YouTube worth, the video-sharing website will be doing something it’s never done before. A collection of exclusive new music videos from 15 of the winning artists will be released on The YouTube Music Awards channel March 23. The videos will debut simultaneously at 10 a.m. PT.

YouTube has enlisted VICE to produce the videos and some A-List video auteurs to direct. You’ll also have the chance to get in on the action: artists will take some lucky fans behind the scenes and invite others to be a part of the videos.

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Country Star Trivia

Comstock/ThinkstockWhich Jake Owen number one was co-written by Eric Paslay? ANSWER:  “Barefoot Blue Jean Night.”

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Frankie Ballard Rocks Madison Square Garden with Florida Georgia Line

Image Courtesy Warner Music NashvilleAfter playing for a sold-out crowd of 13,000 last week with Florida Georgia Line and Thomas Rhett at New York City’s Madison Square Garden, Frankie Ballard says it’s pretty cool to play a venue where you can actually rock the house.

“The one thing I learned about that place is that it’s hanging from the fifth floor. It’s actually suspended in the air,” Frankie says, showing off his knowledge of the building.

“There’s a giant hub above the scoreboard and bridge cables that are anchored around the circles and it’s actually floating and there’s like an inch of tolerance all the way around the outside, so the engineers wanted the house to actually rock, and it will,” he says. “You can feel it moving. Sometimes it feels like an earthquake in there because it’s actually swinging in the air.”

He discovered one thing that’s not necessarily so easy, though, is trying to park a tour bus in New York City.

“Honestly it’s kind of hectic, cause there’s not a lot of places to park…  We were like, ‘Well we’re on the show,’ and they were like, ‘Well we don’t really care,’ you know. So we were gonna shuttle in from Jersey or something. Then at the last minute, they were like, ‘OK we’ve got a space,’ so we actually got to park the bus down there, which was cool. But it’s right on the street,  you know there’s people walking everywhere. It’s exciting, you know there’s so much happening in the streets and you’re like ‘Wow! Madison Square Garden!’”

The “Young & Crazy” crooner reunites with the Anything Goes tour March 21 in Orange Beach, Alabama.


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Nashville Notes

Burke/Triolo Productions/ThinkstockKacey Musgraves will play Cincinnati’s Bunbury Music Festival June 5-7, alongside diverse artists like Snoop Dogg and Old Crow Medicine Show.

Wynonna Judd is confirmed for both an in-depth interview and an intimate performance during this year’s South by Southwest Music Conference and Festival March 20 in Austin, Texas.


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Eric Paslay Enjoys “Double Number Ones” and Being Engaged

Image Courtesy UMGEric Paslay was set to be featured at Friday night’s prestigious New Faces Show at Nashville’s Country Radio Seminar, and on the occasion, Eric couldn’t help but look back on the journey that brought him there.

“I mean really, the last two years, I recorded this album over two years ago, which is crazy to think it’s been over two years.  But ‘Friday Night’ went number one just over a year ago, ‘Song About a Girl’ rocked it, I call it my double number one,” he jokes. “It went eleven on the charts. I’ve had five number ones and a double number one.”

And while Eric’s current hit, “She Don’t Love You,” may be a heartbreak song, he confesses he’s happy that’s not his case in real life.

“I’m honored to get to sing a song like that on country radio and that it’s doing so well for everybody,” he reflects. “Yeah, it’s great. I’m glad I’ve got a fiancée to get to share the parties with!”

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