31 Year-Old Man ONLY Dates Women Over 60!

A 31-year-old man is SO attracted to older women…  he hasn’t dated anyone under 60 in the past five years. Kyle Jones, of Pittsburgh, says his oldest girlfriend was 91.

He is featured on TLC’s “My Strange Addiction”.  He admits:  ‘I love everything about older women. I love the smell, I love the feel, I love the mentality.  ‘I love dentures. Women can be self-conscious about dentures. Ladies, I promise you, telling your man that you have dentures will not turn him off.

He refers to the older women as ‘silver foxes’, because he finds platinum hair a huge turn-on.

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Scared of wrinkles?! Put down your smartphone!

Doctors are blaming smartphones and tablets for causing sagging skin and wrinkles in younger people…  including a condition called “tech neck”.

smartphone posture tech neck

Tech neck refers to a specific crease just above the collar bone that is caused by repeated bending of the neck to look at the screen of a portable device.

Dermatologists say the condition can be found mostly in people aged 18 to 39 who own an average of three devices.

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-Tyler Jackson

The Carolina Panthers have a new fan!

A 12-year-old boy from Oklahoma named Cade Pope sent a letter to all 32 NFL teams wanting to know who he should choose as his favorite team.

Only one team responded…the Carolina Panthers!

Panthers owner Jerry Richardson sent him a handwritten letter, “Cade, we would be honored if our Carolina Panthers became your team. We would make you proud by the classy way we represent you.

The Panthers also sent a helmet autographed by Pro Bowl linebacker Luke Kuechly.

“If this is the only team that responds to me, I’m a Carolina Panthers fan,” said Pope.

I assure you, the Carolina Panthers earned more fans than just this kid!

-Tyler Jackson

How would you like to earn a college scholarship…by being a video gamer?!

The University of Pikeville in Kentucky offers the majority of the traditional sports that are offered at most colleges and universities. Football, basketball, baseball, soccer, track & field, etc.

Well, they’re introducing a new sport…video gaming!

Coming up this fall, video games will be an official sport, and they’re going to start offering scholarships as well. Scholarships will be offered to “athletes” who play in the multiplayer online battle arena game League of Legends. 

“It’s actually becoming a worldwide trend,” said Bruce Parsons, Pikeville’s new media director. “This game is five-on-five competitive play. It takes skill, practice and a lot of teamwork.”

What do you think, should video gaming be considered a sport? Let us know your thoughts! Text us what you think, with the keyword “holler” to 88474!

-Tyler and Megan

Best and Worst Thanksgiving Foods

Trying to watch your waistline this Thanksgiving?  if you’re not planning on going all out, here is a breakdown of the best and worst Thanksgiving foods for your health!