Cheerleader/Hunter’s Photos Taken Off of Facebook!


A Texas Tech cheerleader has been receiving death threats after photos of her with animals that she’s hunted and killed were posted on Facebook.19-year-old Kendall Jones posted pictures from a recent trip to Africa where she posed with dead lions, leopards and springboks.By the time she was 14, she had already bagged six of the most difficult and deadliest animals to hunt on foot — buffalo, elephant, leopard, lion, rhino, hippo and crocodile. Animal rights activists are up in arms and want her crucified, but Kendall says many of them are missing the point.She claims to be a conservationist who wants to educate more people via a reality hunting series for the Sportsman Channel that’s in the works.

 Many people have been offended by the photos, and have reported them to Facebook, who as of yesterday, took several of the “most offensive” photos down.  Read more here!




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