This Day In History – July 3


The Civil War battle at Gettysburg ended.

The battle came to a close after Confederate General George Pickett’s troops suffered severe losses to General George Meade and the Union Army.

Ready for a quick history lesson about a key note of Gettysburg? General Meade had actually taken command only six days previously when General Joseph Hooker was relieved of his command. The South had almost won the war, BUT, thanks to General Hooker’s preoccupation with ladies of the evening in Washington – ladies who came know as “Hooker’s Division” – which was simply shortened to…you guessed it…“Hookers”


Idaho became the 43rd state to join the United States!

While it literally means Gem Of The Mountains, I’d like to think the guy was an acquaintance of General Hooker and named it after himself…

(Come on kid! What is this, eighth-grade?!)


Roy Rogers’ beloved horse, Trigger, died at the age of 33! Roy and Trigger made 188 movies together!

File:Roy Rogers and Trigger.jpg

Roy couldn’t stand the thought of life without Trigger, so he had the horse stuffed and put on display at his Double-R-Bar Ranch in Apple Valley, California!

(It eventually made it’s way to a new museum in Branson, Mo, but it closed in 2012. After the museum closed, Trigger was sold at auction for $266,500 to a private buyer. End of an era!)

and then lastly…

This is crazy! 


In Snohomish, Washington, Rocky Kenoyer set a world record for making 403 parachute jumps in 24 hours! Dropping from an elevation of 1,500 feet, he made one jump every three minutes and 40 seconds – for 24 hours straight! Goodness! He did it with the help of 50 parachute packers, seven airplanes and 10 pilots.


I wanna join for one or two of those!!! 

-Tyler Jackson 



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