This Day In History – September 3


The Lone Ranger was heard on radio for the final time!

Spanning 21 years, The Lone Ranger ran for a total of 2,956.


The birth of online shopping started, when eBay was founded!

Here’s the coolest thing I ever bought on eBay! $18 + shipping! (It took three weeks to come mailed in from China)! Seriously!


Madonna’s Sticky and Sweet world tour became the highest grossing tour ever for a solo artist!

Grossing 408 million dollars, Madonna performed in 32 countries, ending in Tel Aviv, Israel.

and then lastly…

One year ago!


Hunters in Mississippi caught a state-record 727-pound alligator!

Big gator

Look at that gator! It measured 13-feet, 4.5-inches long! Talk about a big boy!

-Tyler Jackson



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