Navy sports new uniforms…and they’re awesome!

So much attention these days is given to college athletics for things that most of feel are not that important.  Stadium renovations…coaching salaries…and it seems like every time you look there’s another college program trotting out new uniforms or even game-specific helmets.

But these are pretty dang cool!

The Naval Academy will be wearing these spiffy new duds when they take the field against Ohio State this weekend at home in Annapolis.  They were designed to look a lot like the summer “white” uniform that Naval officers wear.  The “rank”…or class…of each player will be represented on the pants.

I especially like the two-toned helmet with the racing stripe.

Now, I don’t know if Navy has a chance to beat the Buckeyes or not…but I will say this: the Midshipmen will be the best dressed team on the field.




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