How safe are you from natural disasters where you’re at?

Time Magazine released an interactive map, ranking all 3,144 counties in the United States – from safest to the most dangerous – from natural disasters.

Using historic events from NOAA’s records, the criteria of ranking natural disasters includes: earthquake, hurricane, cold wind chill, astronomical low tide, coastal flood, avalanche, dense fog, drought, dust devil, dust storm, excessive heat, extreme cold/wind chill, flash flood, flood, freezing fog, funnel cloud, hail, heat, heavy rain, heavy snow, high surf, high wind, ice storm, lakeshore flood, landslide, lightning, rip current, seiche, sleet, storm surge/tide, strong wind, thunderstorm wind, tornado, tropical depression, tropical storm, tsunami, waterspout, wildfire, winter storm and winter weather. I didn’t even realize there was that many natural disasters possible!

The safest place in America is Sweet Grass County, Montana.

The most dangerous? Ocean County, New Jersey.

Where does Riley, Pottawatomie, Geary and other counties from Kansas rank?

Find out HERE

-Tyler Jackson 



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