Tim and Faith’s daughter Audrey can SING!

As their current duet “Meanwhile Back At Mama’s” rockets up the charts, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill have yet another reason to be proud.  Seems that their youngest daughter, 12 year old Audrey, was blessed with her parents singing ability.

Prior to a Tim McGraw concert in Arkansas, Audrey took the stage at a pre-show concert and nailed a version of “Traveling Soldier”.  The fans who were lucky enough to attend the gig didn’t know ahead of time that she’d be singing for them, but a few of them did manage to capture the performance on video.  Hence, the quality of the video isn’t great…but you can definitely hear that amazing voice.

Tim & Faith have always tried to afford their girls with all the opportunities to allow them to find their calling…and not push them into the spotlight.

Sounds like Audrey doesn’t need a very big push!



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