Yeah, you read that headline right.

A 23-year-old American tourist in fell into the volcano in Italy after dropping his phone while trying to take a selfie.

Before anyone really freaks out, the volcano is active, but hasn’t had an eruption since the 1940s. So it’s not like he went headfirst into lava. HOWEVER, according to Italian police, the man and three of his relatives decided to skip the tourist lines and take a forbidden route to the top of Mount Vesuvius.

The man, let’s call him Moron, decided to go down the side of the volcano in the hunt for a perfect selfie, when he dropped his phone. It fell into Vesuvius and Moron tried to go after it, but fell deeper into the 1,000 foot crater.

He was pulled out of the crater by Vesuvius guides, but the police were called and charged Moron and his family for the “invasion of public land.”

Moron had a few cuts and bruises on his arms and back.