We’re still days away from October, and a month plus from Halloween, but that hasn’t stopped stores from going all out on the Halloween candy, nor Americans from buying it.

According to the National Confectioners Association, of which I learned the existence of 30 seconds prior to writing this article, one in five of us have already bought candy.

Of that one in five, 100 percent will have to restock up for the kids on Halloween. That’s according to a stat I just made up.

“The past few years have proven that the confectionery industry is resilient, and Americans remain enthusiastic about enjoying their favorite treats during seasonal celebrations like Halloween with friends and family,” John Downs, NCA president & CEO, said in a press release. “Chocolate and candy play a special role during the Halloween season in communities across the country – and this Halloween promises to be especially impressive as chocolate and candy companies bring consumers classic, innovative and great-tasting products that enhance the season.”

The NCA is projecting a 5 percent bump in chocolate and candy sales for Halloween this year.

A reminder, none of the purchases you make should be that weird peanut butter chew stuff. Give those out to kids, and you’re just begging for your house to be TP’ed, egged, or both.