Hungry? It may be leading to fights with your significant other and co-workers.

A new survey of 2,000 Americans shows that, on average, being ‘hangry’ leads to four fights per week. This shocks the one person instigating the fights in your life.

Other results of the survey show the reasons we get get hungry to the point of ALL CONSUMING RAGE KAREN WHO ATE MY HOMEMADE FRIED RICE? IT HAD MY NAME ON IT, LIKE IT DID THE FIRST 11 TIMES YOU DID THAT.


Where was I?

Oh, yeah. The reasons why.

  1. We waited too long to eat.
  2. We didn’t eat enough at a meal.
  3. We didn’t like what we ate.
  4. We’re on a diet.
  5. We sacrificed something that tastes good for a healthier but much less delicious alternative.