Good, lord. I joke about being banned in 48 out of the 50 states from doing Karaoke, but this guy actually has been from hunting.

Meet Iniki Vakie Kapu. He pled guilty in May 2019 in Colorado to illegal possession of wildlife and was find $900. The same thing happened in another county in December of that year, followed by illegal possession of a bighorn sheep in yet another county.

Oh, and then he pled guilty to illegal possession of three or more big game animals. He was fined in the bighorn sheep case $4,600 and sentenced to six months in jail with three years of supervised probation, AND the forfeiture of the weapons used.

All told, he killed 12 deer, two turkeys, and the sheep.

Because of all this, Colorado Parks and Wildlife examiner Steven Cooley has effectively banned Kapu from ever hunting in Colorado. Because of the Interstate Wildlife Violator Compact, he’s also banned in 47 other states, including Kansas.

For the record, Massachusetts and Hawaii are the two he can still legally hunt in.

“Mr. Kapu’s crimes against wildlife are the essence of what defines a poacher by taking wildlife without regard for the laws protecting them,” Cooley said. “Iniki Kapu is viewed as a serious threat to colorado’s wildlife and his violations are among the worst. The severity and indifference for wildlife in this case are rarely seen and cannot be tolerated.”

If you’re feeling bad for Kapu and his ineligibility to hunt in most of the U.S., Massachusetts does have an abundance of moonbats, so he’s got that going for him.