Not the ‘F’ word we wanted to use, but this IS technically a family website, so…

Congress has agreed on a new bipartisan COVID relief bill that, among other line items, includes $15 billion for independent music venues, theaters, and the like.

This has only been begged for since June, when the National Independent Venue Association conducted a survey of independent music venue owners. At that time, 90 percent said they won’t survive the pandemic without some sort of aid. Glad Congress could put the afterburners on and help out music venues out.


Seriously, the Save Our Stages Act, also a bipartisan effort, was introduced back in July. And languished in political in-fighting for months before it was included in the stimulus package announced over the weekend.

The new bill allows venues, such as R.C. McGraws and the The Hat, to name a couple in Manhattan, to receive federal money to help out on rent, utilities, PPE, and other safety standard expenses.

Here is the NIVA statement via Twitter.