Most of us have a recipe that we know by heart, that we don’t have to really look at the written down version to make the dish. However, it looks like a bulk of Americans are only confident with the most simplest of recipes.

A survey recently asked people what recipes they didn’t have to have in front of them to make and the results show that we are mainly confident in our ability to make one of several varieties of eggs. Seriously, the top four responses are eggs. Scramble, over-easy, hard boiled. “Toast” was also an answer, but missed out on the top 10.


  1. Eggs over easy – 49%
  2. Scrambled eggs – 46% (That seems…low.)
  3. Hard boiled eggs – 44%
  4. Poached eggs – 44%
  5. French toast – 41%
  6. Soup – 36%
  7. Grilled cheese – 36%
  8. Pasta – 36% (We assume that means the entire entree and not just making the noodles)
  9. Rice – 36% (Does the box and how long to cook it count?)
  10. Salad – 36%