Thanksgiving is coming up and, more than the turkey, it means CASSEROLE TIME!!!


Google Trends released a graphic showing what each state’s favorite casserole is, at least the most-searched, anyway.

Casseroles involving greens (i.e. green bean, broccoli, ect.) was the top of the heap, with 17 states. Kansas is just “vegetable” casserole. Which is…interesting.

There’s a few in the potato category, though not in Idaho. I imagine Idahoans are born with the innate knowledge of potatoes and potato-related dishes, so they don’t need to Google it.

Nebraska likes mac-and-cheese, which is not a casserole. It’s mac-and-cheese.

Also, Missouri, what, exactly, is “green rice?” That sounds like something you should throw out after you find it in the back of the fridge after a year.

Full-sized graphic is here.