Congrats to Jason Aldean who remains in the number-one spot on the Billboard country airplay chart with his song “Trouble With A Heartbreak.”

When Jason is looking to record songs, like “Trouble With A Heartbreak,” he thinks about how they’ll be during his concerts, “You know, I think when we’re in the studio trying to record things, we’re constantly looking at things that are gonna translate live, that we feel like, if we are playing an arena, or amphitheater, or stadium, or whatever we’re doing. What’s something that feels like a stadium anthem, it feels like something that, you know, people will be out there singing, and just something that feels big.”

Fans will get to hear how “Trouble With A Heartbreak” translates to a live show next month when Jason’s Rock N’ Roll Cowboy tour kicks off on July 15th in Scranton, PA.

“Trouble With A Heartbreak” – from Jason Aldean’s album, Georgia, is the number-one song on the Billboard country airplay chart for a third week in a row.

Photo Courtesy of Jason Aldean