THE HUNT FOR THE G-THOMAS JEWELERS, MANHATTAN RUNNING COMPANY, JINGLE BELL ROCK IS ABOUT TO BEGIN! Thousands in cash and prizes are at stake! Win even more if you have a Jingle Bell Rock Hunting Tag. Pick up your limited edition hunting tag at the following locations and dates:


Wed Nov. 14th from 4pm-6pm

Manhattan Meat Market


Thurs Nov. 15th from Noon-1pm

Short Stop (Tuttle Creek)


Fri Nov. 16th from 4pm-5pm

Complete Nutrition


Mon Nov. 19th from 3pm-4pm

Wahoo Manhattan


Tues Nov. 20th from Noon-1pm



Wed Nov. 21st from Noon-1pm

Short Stop (Hwy 24)


Fri. Nov. 23rd from 10am-Noon

Godfreys Indoor Ranges & Tactical Supply


The hunt for the G-Thomas Jewelers, Manhattan Running Company Jingle Bell Rock begins Dec. 3rd! Listen each week day morning starting Dec. 3rd for your daily clue!