It’s me, ya girl Kristen! You may have heard me off and on B1047 since 2009. I applied on a whim my sophomore year at K-State, and they keep letting me show up which is nice. I married a man who is as impulsive as myself and we tend to live life with no brakes. My favorite teacher recently told me “So you’re just never going to get a real job, are you?” and I have to say I am pretty lucky to be doing what I am

All you need to know about me is the following:

  1. A majority of my personality is based off wine, Formula 1, and my absurd taste in movies. 
  2. I create playlists for vibes I’m trying to put out- like “Whiskey by the Campfire” or “Sunday Morning”.
  3. If I can’t decide on something to watch, I’ll just put on Top Gun for the 1K time.
  4. I’m very passionate about incredibly low stakes arguments-like whether or not tigers live in Africa (they do not).
  5. I’ve cried at 2 concerts-the first time I saw Blink 182 in 09 & my first concert at Red Rocks in CO, Turnpike Troubadours.

“So you may wanna watch what you’re doing-or better yet you can just watch me. It’s not always entertaining, but you get what you pay for and baby it’s free” – Jason Boland