Here’s a BIG one for the “no good deed goes unpunished” thing.

Michael Hammons of Athens, Georgia is an Army veteran who served in Desert Storm.  And he was in the parking lot of a shopping center on Saturday when he saw a small dog locked inside a car.  It was REALLY hot out and the dog was struggling.

So Michael used his wife’s wheelchair to smash one of the windows and got the dog out.  Then he took it into the shade and gave it some water.

As he was tending to it, the dog’s owner came out . . . 22-year-old Elantra Cunningham.  And when she found her car window smashed, she freaked out.

The cops came to the scene and Elantra was cited for leaving her dog in the car . . . but she decided to PRESS CHARGES against Michael.

So . . . he was arrested for trespassing.  Apparently under Georgia state law, it’s illegal to break a window to rescue an animal . . . but the police say they wouldn’t have made the charges on their own.

He’s facing up to a YEAR in prison . . . meanwhile Elantra is facing up to a $250 fine and some community service.

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