Video shows a pushy Chicago mom at an ear piercing shop, putting the little girl in a choke-hold.

The piercer, whose name is Pretty Ricky, posted the video with this description, “This lil girl nearly lost her dammm mind when I was trying to Pierce her ears…”On the video, the girl pleads with the piercer to stop as her mom is heard saying, “You stay just like that.  You put your hand up there and I’m going to punch you…”Her mom then says, “He is a professional,” and promises she can file a lawsuit if the piercer hurts the girl. The girl says, “But, it’s going to hurt,” and her mom responds, “Me beating your ass with my fist will hurt worse. I thought so, lets get this over with.”The piercer does the job as the girl sobs and her mother keeps her in the chokehold, and her mom says, “Now she feels stupid as hell. That didn’t hurt at all, right?…”Some are saying the mother went too far.