Image by jengland from Pixabay

Proper wine tasting etiquette tells us that wine is best paired with cheese.

So, like non-melted Gouda. Definitely not intended to be mac-and-cheese.

Unfortunately, the results of a recent poll show that, among men, the comfort dish is their favorite to pair with a good wine with 41 percent saying they did so. If you think women have more taste, boy are you wrong.

They like chicken wings.

I call shenanigans on this study.

“Just like everything in life, there are so many old-school, traditional rules in wine culture that people feel like they need to follow — swirling, sniffing, pairing,” Serena Shrivastava, Brand Director, Woodbridge Wines, who commissioned the poll, said. “We encourage everyone to play by their own rules instead and leave any judgement behind.”

Oh, I’m judging, Serena. I’m judging soooo much.

Hit the link above to find some ways that Americans buck wine etiquette. And, hey, I’m all for pairing it with non-traditional foods, but COME ON. Buffalo wings?