Over the course of the Pandemic, more and more of us stepped into the kitchen and tried to figure out that most difficult of sciences: Cooking.

A recent poll showed that the average American feels their cooking skills are a 6.8 out of 10.

Disturbingly, 37 percent of respondents follow the “Five-Second Rule,” meaning that food that falls on the floor is still good if picked up within five seconds. Which, actually, does have some truth to it.

A research team did find that longer contact did result in more bacteria. I know, right? I’m shocked, too. The higher the moisture content in the food, however, the more likely that bacteria would be on all over that instantaneously. Watermelons, for instance, are a food that, once it touches the floor, it’s gone, man. Just leave it for the ants.

Weirdly, gummy bears had the lowest bacterial transfer. Not sure what that says about gummy bears, but I’m not going to NOT eat them.

Other stats include:

  1. 65% eyeball measurements instead of using measuring cups.
  2. 58% don’t usually follow a recipe.
  3. 41% used a spoon to taste, then also to stir. Which is fine if you’re cooking for yourself and yourself only.
  4. 38% use dull knives.
  5. 34% rinse chicken in the sink. Apparently, it’s not necessary and is less sanitary.
  6. 26% don’t rinse fruits and vegetables. Wait…you’re supposed to do that…oops.
  7. 23% have cooked a full meal drunk/high. 52% lied on the survey.
  8. 14% use the same cutting board for raw meat AND their veggies.
  9. And then there are 8% of us that burn things on purpose because they like the taste. Which, in fairness, is the only way to make broccoli edible.