A London restaurant is taking some weird steps to help people learn about self-love.

The eatery, called “Two4One,” is offering a singles Valentine’s Day experience where you pay $25 (American) and eat a set menu in front of a mirror. After you’re finished eating, the mirror is removed and SURPRISE! There was someone across from you that whole time! Which immediately makes me self-conscious, because if I can hear them eating, that person can definitely hear me. Shudder.

After being faced with each other, the two diners then eat dessert together, with the option at the end of splitting the bill. Still not sure how that works if you have pre-paid, but sure. The money does go 100 percent toward a London charity, so it has a benefit to others.

It’s still a strange move. I can’t stand watching others eat, so I really don’t want to know what I look like.

Find the Eventbrite site here.