Spooky season is upon us and, with no K-State football this weekend, your Saturday is suddenly wide open.

Why not take a tour of Kansas’ most haunted spots?

This list from Kansas Tourism runs down 13 (because of course it’s 13) locations around the state that are supposedly home to ghosts and spirits.

Which, I guess, ghosts are spirits. Moving on.

This isn’t an all-encompassing list. For instance, it doesn’t include the Stull Cemetery, but then, if it really is a Gate to Hell, why would you tempt fate and go there?

Some highlights from the Travelks.com list (Their write up is in itallics):

  • Fort Leavenworth – Known as one of the most haunted military forts in the United States, Fort Leavenworth breeds plenty of stories among locals and visitors. There are many claims of strange happenings, including the story of Father Fred, who is thought to roam around the St. Ignatius Chapel. In 1875, the original building was destroyed in a fire and along with it, Father Fred’s life. People have seen a priestly apparition from time to time. Others have seen the image of Catherine Sutler, who still searches for her lost children even after her death. Those who stop here can visit the Fort Leavenworth National Cemetery, monuments, and other interesting buildings that may hold paranormal secrets to be unearthed. 
  • Old Lawrence Community Theatre Building – Located at 1501 New Hampshire Street, the old Lawrence Community Theatre building in Lawrence, KS is the subject of many interesting stories. The building was used as a church before being converted into a performing arts center in 1985. Though it is no longer home to Theatre Lawrence, it still holds its reputation among visitors. People have reported a feeling of being watched as well as poltergeist activity, flickering lights, and cold spots. The location now houses the Vintage Church.
  • Red Rock Elementary School – Seemingly innocent Red Rock Elementary School in Ulysses, KS is actually home to a darker story. The halls of this school are said to be frequently visited by the apparition of a young girl. She is said to wander around near the cafeteria, and sometimes balls will bounce and swings will sway on the playground despite a lack of wind or children playing. Some people have even claimed to have photographic evidence of orbs and other phenomena on the grounds.
  • Theorosa’s Bridge – On the edge of Valley Center, KS, Theorosa’s Bridge is the center of a famous urban legend. Traveling along the bridge area, a 19th-century wagon is said to have been ambushed by a violent group of Native Americans. During the scuffle, a baby named Theorosa was kidnapped. Her mother’s ghost is said to float around the area searching for her. Another recollection of the events is slightly different and follows the tragic story of a woman who had a child with someone she shouldn’t have. To cover up the scandal, she tossed the baby over the bridge and into the water, drowning it. People have heard the sobs of a baby and a woman, seen odd lights, and felt cold spots. On multiple occasions, cars have stalled unexpectedly on the bridge. Two versions of the bridge have burned down, though the current concrete bridge has stood since 1991. It can be found at 109th Street and Meridian.

You could honestly split this up over a weekend, since it’s pretty spread out from the KC area all the way to like 20 miles from Colorado in southwest Kansas.