You’ve invested time and energy, and sometimes nearly a decade, into catching each episode of your favorite show and it’s now time to say goodbye.

And that’s how it ended?

Bill and Jen discussed TV finales Wednesday morning on The Morning Buzz, coming up with a couple that they couldn’t stand and one they both liked.


How I Met your Mother

In what was obviously meant to be a three to five season show was dragged out beyond reason, as Ted’s journey to the titular Mother became ridiculous. The ninth and final season finally gave us the Mother, Tracy. Who unfortunately died just when we meet her. Which allowed Ted to end up with Robin and REALLY?!?!? WE HAD NINE YEARS of build up to get to what we had in the SECOND SEASON?!?!

I may still have pent up issues with the finale. In fairness, if the show had slowly morphed into just a Friends-like comedy instead of having a definitive endgame, some of those last two seasons would have been a little less infuriating.


Oh, Lost. Your fans kept defending the show long after common sense would dictate. “There’s a plan,” they said. “J.J.’s got this,” they protested. And then WHAM. They’ve been in Purgatory for six years, with what felt like none of the mysteries set up over the six years the series ran answered. For instance: who was living in Jacob’s cabin if not Jacob, why was Walt so special, who were the people in the outrigger while Juliet and Sawyer were traveling with the island through time, how did Eloise Hawking know so much about the time travel stuff (IS SHE THE DOCTOR?!?!), AND WHAT DID THE NUMBERS 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42 REALLY MEAN?



Big Bang Theory

Bill felt like this was the perfect ending for the show. It did pay off the 12 season journey of Sheldon and his friends, gave us a great emotional moment in Leonard and Penny’s pregnancy announcement, but really, there’s one reason this makes the list. After a decade and some change, the elevator in the apartment building finally got fixed!