What’s the most annoying thing other drivers do?  Well, Expedia asked over 1,000 people, and people who TEXT and drive took the top spot for the third year in a row.


1.  People who text and drive.  22% said they’re the most annoying type of driver.


2.  People who tailgate, 14%.


3.  People who skip the line at an exit, go to the front, and THEN merge, 13%.


4.  People who drive slow in the left lane, 11%.


5.  People who drive below the speed limit, 8%.


6.  People who multitask while they’re driving, 8%.  But 37% admitted they’ve done it.


7.  People who don’t use turn signals, 8%.


8.  People who speed, only 5%.


9.  People who drift between lanes, 5%.


10.  People who honk when they don’t really need to, 3%.  Also, 48% of people said they’ve been flipped off . . . 35% have been yelled or cursed at . . . and 9% have gotten into a physical FIGHT with another driver.

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