We are firmly entrenched in Fall now, and it actually feels like it outside instead of 90 degrees, so what activities should you be looking at doing?

Google Trends shows the top Fall activities that people are looking up:

  1. Fall Rock Painting Ideas. Basically, you paint fall-type stuff on rocks. This is a big one, apparently, as searches for it jumped up 350% in the past week.
  2. Corn Maze Near Me. It’s a Fall favorite. Good news is that there’s a number of options locally to explore. Also, the fact they aren’t called Maize Mazes is criminal.
  3. Easy pumpkin carving. I get it, since I can’t for the life of me, figure out how people get those intricate carvings to turn out so well.
  4. Apple picking near me 2021.
  5. Haunted hay/haunted houses near me.
  6. Fall color map. Meaning maps that show you where and when to see the leaves fall. Here’s a pretty decent national list of areas to go from Fox News, though I will add that, when it’s a good year, Scenic Drive is…well, pretty darn scenic.