Image by Maxx Girr from Pixabay

We’ve all said it at least once.

“There just aren’t enough hours in a day.”

Turns out, there are, but we waste a chunk of them in traffic.

A new study found the average human wastes close to two hours a day, most of it, yes, in traffic, but also on things like waiting in line and being stuck on hold. All that waiting starts to add up over time, to the point we lose nearly a MONTH doing nothing worthwhile.

A time management coach says we need to prioritize our time more.

“We typically allow things to drain our time when we’re reacting to something that’s outside of our control, like waiting in a queue or for the kettle to boil,” Clare Evans, time management coach and author of “Time Management for Dummies,” said in a statement. “Try to see waiting time as an opportunity to get on with a quick task on your list – check email, make a phone call or even use it to read a book or do a Duolingo lesson.”

Duolingo commissioned the study, for the record.

The top 10 time wasters are:

  1. Being on hold
  2. Waiting in a line
  3. Sitting in traffic
  4. Trying to call the doctor’s office
  5. Waiting for a delivery
  6. Commuting
  7. Scrolling social media/Amazon/TV channels
  8. Waiting for the laundry to finish
  9. Getting served in a restaurant
  10. Waiting for a cup of tea to brew

Want to know how I know this study was done in England?

Also, having had to deal with the gas company, I feel the being on hold thing in every fiber of my being.