Congratulation and thank you for your service to our first Hometown Hero from Robert’s Heating and Cooling: SSG Andrew Hoffart!

Below is the nominating letter for SSG Hoffart:

I’m nominating SSG Andrew Hoffart. He has been in the army for almost 16 years. I have seen him grow so much as soldier and a leader for his company. He goes out of the way to make sure his soldiers are taken care of and make sure that if there is any issues that need to be taken care of he helps with them. When he gets new soldiers coming in, he is always there to help answers any questions and concerns that they have at anytime of the day. He makes sure he is pushing his soldiers to become better at any task that he asks of them. Andrew is also an active foster parent for Geary county. He has foster 28 foster children in nine and half years. He has educated people who have asked him questions about the process. He also has the support of fostering from his company has he had to bring in foster children into work at times. He has such a caring and wonderful heart for caring and loving so many children who come into care.

Thank you, SSG Hoffart for your service to our country and our area’s children!

SSG Hoffart receives a 4-pack of tickets to a K-State football game, plus is in the running to win the full Furnace and AC replacement from Robert’s Heating and Cooling!

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