Is that headline line a little inflamatory? Maybe.

Was it intentional? Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaybe.

Yahoo recently polled it’s own millennial staff members and social media followers about things their baby boomer (and probably a few Gen X) parents used to let them do as kids.

Look, we grew up in a small town that we still get back to somewhat regularly. Most of the things on this list are still happening. We turned out fine. Ish.

Our therapist says were good, so we trust her judgement.

Some highlights:

  1. Ride in the car without a car seat…or a seatbelt. What about riding in the bed of a pickup truck? That’s fine, right?
  2. Leave us in the car to go into the grocery store. We’re in our 40s and our mom will still do that. You knock over ONE spaghetti sauce display…
  3. Use technology without ANY supervision. Dude, it was sooooo easy to find the…um…more adult sites. HOWEVER, you had to wait 30 minutes for it to load. Stupid dial up.
  4. Stay home for hours when we were 8/Babysit a newborn when we were 10. These are kind of the same, so we put these on the same one. Best part, cell phones weren’t really a major thing, so you couldn’t exactly get a hold of your parents if something happened. Sure, you may have had one, but you DID NOT use that before 9 p.m. on weeknights.
  5. Get pulled on a sled behind a car/truck/ect. We see no issue with this. We call this “Every Saturday during winter” where we come from.