Brad Paisley Sticks with the Hits on His Country Nation World Tour

Image Courtesy CMABrad Paisley is only playing three songs from his upcoming album, Moonshine in the Trunk, on his summer tour, because he knows he’s got to give the fans what they want during the concert. It’s not that Brad isn’t excited about his new album.

“I would do the whole new album,” Brad tells ABC News Radio. “I would sit there and start with the first song on the album and go to the end of it and say, ‘Thank y’all’ if I could, but there would be a dwindling crowd. Ticket sales would go down ’cause people want to hear songs they know.”

We caught up with Brad Sunday night after he performed his latest hit, “River Bank,” on ABC’s Rising Star. He’s ending his concerts with that song, and spreading the other two new tracks out through the set list.

Brad says, “I’m opening with one, ’cause it’s rocking, and it works, and they don’t care. The first song, it’s like, ‘Loud noise. Hey, everybody look over here.’ And then halfway through there’s another one.”

Brad’s new album, Moonshine in the Trunk, comes out August 25. See where his Country Nation World Tour stops next at

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