Brett Eldredge Promises to Go Shark Diving If “Beat of the Music” Goes to #1

Warner Music NashvilleAs Brett Eldredge watched his breakthrough hit, “Don’t Ya,” climbing the charts, he promised to go skydiving if the song went to #1. He made good on that promise when that song hit the top spot. Now he’s made a bet to go shark diving if his latest single, “Beat of the Music,” becomes his second #1 hit. That song is in the top five now, so Brett is sweating bullets about a potential trip to swim with the sharks.

“I can’t believe I actually might go shark diving,” Brett says, adding that he insists on having a cage to protect him during the dive. “They can throw all sorts of dead fish around there and let ’em swim up to the cage for, like, five minutes and get me out of there. I need, like, 20 drinks.”

Brett never intended his bets about sky diving and shark diving to become public. He says, “I just like going to test yourself and push yourself to something that you would normally never do.”

“Beat of the Music” and “Don’t Ya” are both included on Brett’s debut album, Bring You Back, in stores now.

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