This Day In History – December 19


The Chipmunk Song was the number one Billboard pop hit.

It was written by Chipmunks creator David Seville


The number one Billboard pop hit was Escape (Pina Colada Song) by Rupert Holmes!

It was the last chart-topping single of the ‘70s.


Singer and founding member Marty Raybon made his last appearance with Shenendoah at Nashville’s Wildhorse Saloon.

Great band!


President Clinton was impeached by the House for perjury and obstruction of justice, becoming only the second chief executive to be ordered to stand trial in the Senate.


Like Andrew Johnson back in the day, he was acquitted.

But he never did have sexual relations with that woman, Ms. Lewinsky

and then lastly…


The 1961 movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s, along with 24 other films, were added to the U.S. National Film Registry as an important part of American culture.

Great movie!

-Tyler Jackson

Texas Theater to Show ‘Team America’ In Place of ‘The Interview’

Since Sony decided to shelve “The Interview,” a movie outlining a plot to assassinate North Korean dictator, Kim Jong Un, a Texas movie theater has decided to do screenings of the next best thing, 2004′s “Team America: World Police,” a movie outlining a plot to assassinate former North Korean dicator, Kim Jong Il, complete with American flags and other patriotic items. Read the full story here. ‘MERICA!!

This Day In History – December 18


The 13th Amendment to The Constitution, which abolished slavery, was declared in effect.


A $1 silver certificate was issued!

This was the first version of the modern day $1 bill.

It was the first currency to depict the front and back sides of the Great Seal of the United States.


The number one single was Like A Virgin by Madonna!

It was her first chart topper, and stayed there for six weeks.


The divorce of Jon and Kate Gosselin, made famous by the reality show Jon and Kate Plus 8, was finalized.


She received primary custody. Yikes!!

and then lastly…

It’s hard to believe it’s been 17 years…


Comedian Chris Farley was found dead in his Chicago apartment.


He was 33 years old.

And in my opinion…Greatest comedian of all time.

-Tyler Jackson

America’s Favorite Movie

A new Harris poll asked Americans what their all-time favorite movie is…and even though it’s 75 years old (!), “Gone With the Wind” tops the list!  Check out the Top 10 Favorite Movies below.



1.  “Gone with the Wind”, 1939


2.  “Star Wars”, 1977


3.  “Titanic”, 1997


4.  “The Godfather”, 1972


5.  “Lord of the Rings”, 2001


6.  “The Sound of Music”, 1965


7.  “Dirty Dancing”, 1987


8.  “Wizard of Oz”, 1939


9.  “It’s a Wonderful Life”, 1946


10.  “E.T.”, 1982


Sony cancels “The Interview” premiere

It’s been in the news a lot recently…the new Seth Rogan/James Franco movie “The Interview”.  The plot centered around two journalists who are enlisted by the government to assassinate a foreign leader.

First…Sony (the studio releasing the film) was the victim of a massive data hack job…and now, based on several large theater chains deciding not to show the movie, the studio has canceled the premiere.

This is an unprecedented step…reportedly, the film cost nearly $44 million to make.  And obviously, the only way for the studio to recoup any of that would be to release the movie.  But in light of the hacking (in which a cache of internal documents and memos were taken) and the threats of a group calling itself “Guardians of Peace”, Sony is apparently not willing to risk releasing the film.  Ever.

According to spokeswoman Jean Guerin, there won’t be any chance to see the movie later on…maybe a home video release.  “Sony Pictures has no further release plans for the film”, she said in a prepared statement.



This Day In History – December 17


Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol was published for the very first time!


The Wright BrothersOrville and Wilbur, made the first powered flight at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina!

The 12-horsepower Wright Flyer I took off a 100-foot sand dune with Orville at the controls.

The flight lasted only 12 seconds and covered 120 feet, at a height of eight-to-12 feet and an air speed of 30-to-35 miles an hour.

Afterwards, while Orville and Wilbur were passing out the champagne, a big gust of wind picked up the plane and smashed it.


The first NFL championship was played!

The Chicago Bears defeated the New York (Football) Giants 23-21!

The victorious Bears players each received $210.34 for the win, while the Giants players each received $140.22


The Simpsons debuted on Fox!

It’s currently the longest-running sitcom in primetime.

and then lastly…


Two members of the Charlie Daniels Band scheduled surgical procedures the same day Charlie was getting both of his knees realigned, in the same hospital.


That way, they wouldn’t miss any tour dates.


-Tyler Jackson

Could BREATHING help you burn fat?!

You’ve gotta love science! 

I’ve been trying to lose weight for the majority of my life. I’m not obese, but I could always stand to lose a pound…or 20. I’ve often wondered, “How does one’s body physically rid itself of excess fat”? Well, I had an educated guess on the matter, until I saw this article you’ve gotta check out.

Basically, fat in human blood is called triglyceride. Triglyceride consists of three kinds of atoms – carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. The key to getting rid of this unwanted fat requires unlocking these atoms that are in triglyceride molecules by a process known as oxidation.

By tracing every atom’s pathway out of the body, the team of scientists at the University of New South Wales in Australia discovered that when 22 pounds of fat is oxidized:

18.5 pounds departs the body via the lungs as carbon dioxide.

The remaining 3.5 pounds becomes water

So what they’re saying is, more than 80 per cent of body fat leaves the body through exhaling, making the lungs the primary organ through which we lose weight!


-Tyler Jackson