Tim McGraw the next “Masterchef”?

We all know that Tim can sing, make hit records, and play incredible concerts.  But he’s also a bit handy in the kitchen.

On his current “Sundown Heaven Tour”…at a stop in Washington state…Tim took time out from his pre-show workout to whomp up a batch of what he calls wife Faith Hill’s “famous watermelon salsa” outside the bus.

Does this mean we’ll see Tim down the road, battling it out with Chef Ramsay and company on an upcoming season of “Masterchef”?  Who knows.  But in the meantime, we will be able to check out his twitter feed and get hungry!

Brad Paisley and Sony at “odds” over new music leaks

You can’t blame a guy for trying.  Brad Paisley will release his new album “Moonshine In The Trunk” at the end of August, and for the past couple of days, he’s been setting fans up with little tastes of the new music.  You know, something to wet their whistles?

Apparently, his record label Sony Records doesn’t share Brad’s enthusiasm for leaking the new songs.  And neither does his manager.  All parties have been exchanging tweets and emails about the issue, which Brad has been more than happy to share on his own Twitter feed.  He’s even gotten his “Rising Star” pal Ludacris to help out…all to no avail.

“Moonshine In The Trunk” hits stores August 25th.  I’ll bet that Brad, his manager, and Sony have all kissed and made up by then.

This Day In History – July 31


Legendary country singer, Jim Reeves, also know as Gentleman Jim, was killed in a plane crash in Brentwood, Tennessee at the age of 39.

He was the singer of some good ole-fashioned country songs such as:


He was one of the more legendary voices country music’s ever heard! RIP Jim!


Forget your Sunday drive – it doesn’t have anything on this awesome Wednesday drive:

David Scott and James Irwin took a drive on the surface of the moon!

Aboard their lunar roving vehicle, they became the first men to drive on the moon’s surface!


Zac Brown of the Zac Brown Band was born in Dahlonega, Georgia! 

Happy birthday, big guy! Hope you celebrate with some:


Christina Aguilera had her first #1 with Genie In A Bottle

This song came out the summer before my freshmen year of high school. It’s hard to believe this is 15 years-old, what a jam!

and then lastly…

Two years ago already!


Swimmer Michael Phelps becomes the winningest athlete in Olympics history, collecting his 19th medal at the London Summer Games!

Here, you can relieve some moments from the Baltimore Bullet:

-Tyler Jackson

Anatomically Correct Doll Freaks Parents Out!

A baby doll with a penis being sold at Toys ‘R’ Us is freaking out some shoppers… and online readers.The doll is made by the You & Me Mommy Change My Diaper Doll collection.  Besides having a penis, it also cries when its underpants are wet.Some parents called the doll inappropriate and unnecessary for kids while others joked it could be a unique way to conclude a “gender reveal” party.Some people also say they wish the box had a warning that the doll was anatomically correct.


Read more here!

Montgomery Gentry readies new single

Been wondering what Eddie and Troy have been up to?  Well, the wait is almost over!  After signing to a new record label back in February, Montgomery Gentry have a brand new single called “Headlights” that is ready to be released.

It “definitely was a standout of the songs we cut for the new album”, said Troy Gentry in reference to the new tune.  “It’s such a fun song to play live, the crowds are loving it”.  It’s the lead single from the duo’s first studio album since 2012, and they’re shooting for a spring 2015 release.

Wanna hear “Headlights” for yourself?  Here it is!

Garth announces next tour stop

After kicking off his comeback world tour with what turned out to be 10 shows in Chicago, Garth Brooks has apparently elected to try some southern hospitality as he announced the next stop on the trek…Atlanta!

The show will be at Phillips Arena on September 19th.  His wife, Georgia native Trisha Yearwood, will be the opening act.  It’ll be Garth’s first Atlanta visit (at least as a “business” trip) in 18 years.

He’s trying to keep ticket prices in line, so when they go on sale next Friday (August 8th), they’ll be available for about $70 bucks.

Now…we’re still waiting to hear when he’s gonna come see us here in Kansas.  What about it, Garth???

This Day In History – July 30


Jean Francois Gravelet, aka Charles Blondin, stepped out over Niagara Falls for the first tightrope walk over the famous waterfall. He did it on a three-inch rope stretched 1,166 feet!


…because he’s one of the best tight-rope-walkers the world has ever seen, that’s why! After his first trip across Niagara Falls, he actually went across several more times! Instead of the boring “hey, let’s just walk across” – he did it: blindfolded, in a sack, on stilts, pushing a wheelbarrow, carrying a person on his back, sitting down midway while he cooked and ate an omelet (WTH?!)and standing on a chair with only one chair leg on the rope!

Ok, nevermind. Once again…WHY???


President Eisenhower signed a law officially making the nation’s motto In God We Trust! The law made it the official motto of The United States, and it also mandated that the phrase be printed on all American currency.

Another big reason they passed this in 1956, was because that was a tense time in this country during the Cold War. The United States wanted to distinguish itself from the Soviet Union, which promoted state atheism


President Lyndon B. Johnson signed the Medicare Bill into law


Teamsters President Jimmy Hoffa disappeared! He was trying to recapture control of the union he once headed.

He was last seen getting into an automobile that pulled up outside a suburban Detroit restaurant.  The car drove away and he was never seen again.

Not sure of what happened to Hoffa, but his story made a great movie:

By the way,


A Michigan judge declared Jimmy Hoffa officially dead.

and then lastly…


1987 World Champion Bull Rider Lane Frost was killed by a bull named Taking Care Of Business, at The Daddy Of ‘Em All, the Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Lane dismounted after a successful 91-point ride, and was hit in the ribs by the bull’s horn. A broken rib pierced his heart. He was 25.

When I was a kid, my parents took me to Cheyenne. They bought me a video about the Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo, and on the end of that video was a tribute to Lane. The tribute was by The George Michael Sports Machine. I LOVE this tribute, it’s the best one made about Lane in my opinion. Here it is:

He also had the best quote about Lane as well:

“A champion in the arena, a champion in life – that was Lane Frost” – George Michael

Over time, a lot more tributes to Lane have shown up

There was, of course, the movie 8 Seconds:

and, as of late, Aaron Watson wrote July In Cheyenne for Lane

Rest In Piece to one of the greatest bull riders to ever live!

-Tyler Jackson