Wierd Plastic Surgery Trends

Here are the 10 strangest cosmetic surgery treatments that people are actually getting these days.

1. Pointy Ear Surgery – Get your ears pointed like an elf in this reconstruction surgery.

2. Foot Fillers – Get botox in your feet to add a little cushion to the ball of your foot – great for women who wear stilettos.

3. Lash and Brow Transplants – Forget mascara that plumps your lashes, let this surgery do the work for you. Just a little hair from the back of your scalp added to the front.

4. Bra Line Back Lift – Get rid of the back fat around your bra that removes rolls and leaves your scar hidden by your bra strap.

5. Palm Line Alterations – Change your future and have your lines in your palms changed to match the future you’ll hope to have – this is popular in Japan.

6. Fake Dimples – Put fake dimples in your cheek so you can be adorable like all the people who have them naturally.

7. Foot Facelifts – Get rid of “fat toes” and make your feet more narrow and elegant.

8. Belly Button Surgery – Turn your innie into an outie (but seriously, who WANTS an outie?!)

9. Sideburn Transplant – Men who can’t grow sideburns can get them surgically enhanced.

10. Poker Face Botox – Pokertox gets rid of any signs of emotions or expression – good for poker players.

What’s Hot and Not for 2014


Get those selfies in while you can, folks – they’re on the way out.

According to a new report on what’s “cool” for the rest of 2014 a few of your possible favorite fads may not be so cool anymore.


The Cool New Trends For 2014 Include:

Socks and Sandals
Hybrid Food
Lupita Nyong’l
Life Drawing Classes
Pheremone Parties
Unknown Festivals

The Top 10 ‘Not Cool’ Trends Of 2014 Are

Platform Heels
Bum Bags
Miley Cyrus
Hot Yoga
5:2 Diet
Hideout Festival


Why You Should NEVER Prank Tweet an Airline


A Twitter user, @queendemetriax, is regretting her Al Qaida joke at American Airlines she tweeted yesterday.

The tweet said, hello my name’s Ibrahim and I’m from Afghanistan. I’m part of Al Qaida and on June 1st I’m gonna do something really big bye”

American Airlines responded immediately telling her they had her IP address and “details,” which they would forward to security and FBI.

Their response tweet was deleted as only law enforcement can get that info.

She freaked out:

@AmericanAir omfg I was kidding

@AmericanAir I’m so sorry I’m scared now

@AmericanAir I was joking and it was my friend not me, take her IP address not mine

@AmericanAir I was kidding pls don’t I’m just a girl pls

@AmericanAir and I’m not from Afghanistan

@AmericanAir Why would I blow up one of your planes, I have my own jet

Wow bc of this I gained 1k followers

Okay today was the highlight of my twitter days

Read the entire showdown here!

Just in Time for Prom…a KFC Corsage!


KFC has teamed up with a Louisville, Ky., florist to offer a prom-date corsage that comes with freshly fried drumstick.

The corsage goes for $20 and comes with a $5 gift card that can be used to buy the drumstick, which is then attached.

What’s more, it comes in any flavor, including original recipe, grilled, and extra crispy.

But there are only 100 being sold.

Read more about how you can get yours here!


The “Perfect” Woman?

Men and women were asked to create the “perfect female” by compiling body parts of celebrities.  And…the results are pretty different!  Women seem to prefer sleek and elegant, while men (no surprise) prefer a complete bombshell.  Check out the difference:


Should Strippers be Allowed in Nursing Homes?

A Long Island nursing home is under fire for some questionable entertainment practices.

The son of one of the home’s 85-year-old residents is outraged to find out that the nursing home provides performances from male strippers from time to time.

While the staff at the nursing home tried to brush off his concern, the son is suing and claims that his Baptist mother is not comfortable with that kind of behavior.

Problem is, there are pictures showing the old gal shoving a dollar bill down in of the stripper’s underwear. The son’s lawyers suggest that she does not have the mental capacity anymore to understand her behavior.

Who is in the right here? The nursing home or the son?


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