This Day In History – October 28


The U.S. Congress enacted the Volstead Act, also known as the National Prohibition Act

Prohibition was repealed in 1933 with the passing of the 21st Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.


St Louis’ Gateway Arch opened, its 630 feet tall, symbolizing America’s westward expansion.

Its official full name is Gateway to the West Arch.

1995 - David Lee Murphy‘s single, Dust on the Bottle, went to number one!

Talk about the ultimate country music anthem!

and then lastly…


Big & Rich’s Save A Horse (Ride A Cowboy) became the duo’s first gold single

It’s hard to believe this song is already ten years old!

-Tyler Jackson

How Will You Look as an Alcoholic?


A new app created by the website, Rehabs, shows the negative effect that alcoholism can have on your looks.

The app shows that excessive drinking can change the shape of your face.

After you upload a photo of yourself, the app places a “mask” on your face to add skin defects such as broken blood vessels, a bloated face, and a reddened complexion.

A rep for the website said the purpose of the app is to shock users into seeing how their actions can lead to very ugly consequences.

Read more and do it yourself here!

Kenny Chesney & Jason Aldean Teaming Up For New Tour

They’re both touring power houses, so it makes total sense that they’re teaming up for a few dates next year, and yes, they’re coming to KC! Check out the tour dates below and read the full story here.

5/2 San Francisco — Levi’s Stadium
5/16 Dallas — AT&T Stadium
6/20 Green Bay, Wisconsin — Lambeau Field
6/27 Seattle — CenturyLink Field
7/18 Minneapolis — Target Field
7/25 Pasadena — Rose Bowl
8/1 Kansas City, Missouri — Arrowhead Stadium
8/8 Denver — Sports Authority Field at Mile High
8/15 East Rutherford, New Jersey — MetLife Stadium
8/28 Boston — Gillette Stadium

Raise Money for Animal Shelters Just by Walking Your Dog!



A new app called “Walk for a Dog” uses the GPS on your phone to track how far you walk your dog . . . then donates money to an animal shelter of your choice depending on how FAR you walk.  You can earn between 10 and 25 cents per mile, and they’ve already raised over $10,000.

Read more here!

Sexy (?) Ebola Costume



Too soon?

The “Sexy Ebola” costume is a thing. Check out the ad description:

“As the deadly Ebola virus trickles its way through the United States, fighting its disease is no reason to compromise style. The short dress and chic gas mask will be the talk of Milan, London, Paris, and New York as the world’s fashionistas seek global solutions to hazmat couture. Ending plague isn’t the endeavor of a single woman, so be sure to check out our men’s Ebola Containment Costume for a great couple’s costume idea.”



Ebola White Costume Dress
Ebola Face Shield
Breathing Mask
Safety Eye Goggles
Blue Latex Gloves
Boots not included

Cost:  $59.99

Want to buy it? Find out more here!

Aaron Lewis Messes Up the National Anthem

Staind singer (and sometimes Country singer) Aaron Lewis sang the National Anthem before Game Five of the World Series yesterday . . . and he botched the lyrics.

In the second line, instead of “What so proudly we hailed at the twilight’s last gleaming?” . . . Aaron sang quote, “What so proudly we hailed were so gallantly streaming.” He repeated “were so gallantly streaming” two lines later, where it’s supposed to be.  Whoopsie!

Marijuana and Cigarrette Costumes…For Kids???


The online retailer is offering two Halloween costumes that allows parents to dress up their children as a marijuana leaf or cigarette.

The description for the marijuana leaf is: “This Halloween dress up your baby in our most outrageous costume yet! The baby marijuana plant costume is just the right combo of cute and edgy that is sure to get stares and laughs from everyone.”

The description for the cigarette is: “No worry of cancer with this cigarette costume. Who knew tobacco could look this cute?”

Both costumes cost $29.99.

Read more here!

Miranda Lambert is enjoying her “second” career

Miranda Lambert has come a long way since we first saw her on the original season of “Nashville Star”.  She’s gone on to become one of the hottest stars in country music…winning a trophy case full of awards…selling millions of albums…racking up hit after hit.

And now, she’d like you to come stay with her.

About a month ago, Miranda and hubby Blake Shelton opened up “The Ladysmilth”, a bed and breakfast in Tishomingo, Oklahoma.  And while Miranda wasn’t looking for a second career in the hospitalilty industry, she nonetheless may have found her calling.

“I wasn’t planning on doing this in my life,” Lambert said. But after a year of renovations to the 113-year-old building (“We had to take it down to the studs,” she says.), this musical entrepreneur is taking a liking to her new life as an innkeeper.

The inn features eight rooms, each decorated by Miranda in a unique style.  And don’t be surprised if the owner pops by for breakfast if you’re ever there.  “I’m in and out of there quite a bit. People don’t realize it’s me. I look way different than when I’m decked out for awards shows! I went there once, and a couple who was staying there was asking me where I was from, what I did. I just said I was the owner. It later dawned on them”.

If you want to go check it out for yourself, click here for more information and pictures of the different rooms.




When Your Friend Becomes An Internet Sensation

Looking at my Snapchat feed from Game 1 of the World Series Tuesday night, I noticed that one fan kept getting covered, a man buying hot dogs and throwing them to others in his section. It was amazing to see. What was even more amazing is that he looked really really familiar to me. I swore it was a friend of mine from my hometown. I meant to text him and ask, but by the next day, I had completely forgotten about it…until today, when that same friend shared this story and confirmed my suspicions. Hot Dog Guy is from Hays, ‘Merica.