Woman Gives Birth to Quintuplets!

    A hospital in Houston, Texas announced the births of the first-ever set of all female quintuplets in the United States.The couple welcomed their five baby girls into the world, marking the first set of all female quintuplets born in the U.S. and the first set born anywhere in the world since 1969.

The mother underwent a surgical procedure for the pregnancy, as well as for the birth of her first daughter, Blayke.The quintuplets were born via C- section at 28 weeks and two days.The baby girls were delivered with the help of about a dozen medical professionals.

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Read the family’s blog at itsabuzzworld.com.

This Day In History – April 15


150 years ago to the day.

President Lincoln died from injuries inflicted by John Wilkes Booth. 

I cant help but wonder what this country would like like had he never been assassinated


“Wild Bill” Hickok became the marshal of Abilene, Kansas!


The ‘unsinkable’ luxury liner, Titanic, sank at 2:27a.m.

She sank in the North Atlantic after hitting an iceberg the evening before.

1,517 people died and more than 700 people survived. 


Ray Kroc opened the first McDonald’s in Des Plaines, Illinois! 

The first McDonald’s is no longer. It was torn down to build a newer McDonald’s restaurant across the street, but, throughout the world, “Billons And Billions Are Served”

and then lastly…


Tokyo Disneyland opened!

The happiest place in the East! 

-Tyler Jackson

Best and Worst Jobs for 2015

A job website called CareerCast.com just released their annual list of the 10 best and worst jobs in 2015 . . . and the “best jobs” list is PACKED with math, science, and technology.

The rankings are based on five factors:  Income . . . job outlook . . . working conditions . . . stress . . . and physical demands.

And the top jobs is . . . actuary.  Followed by audiologist, which is someone who treats people with hearing loss.  (???)

The rest of the top ten goes:  Mathematician . . . statistician . . . biomedical engineer . . . data scientist . . . dental hygienist . . . software engineer . . . occupational therapist . . . and computer systems analyst.The bottom 10 are:  Newspaper reporter . . . lumberjack . . . enlisted military personnel . . . cook . . . broadcaster . . . photojournalist . . . corrections officer . . . taxi driver . . . firefighter . . . and mail carrier.

Check out the full list of best and worst jobs here!


Girl Takes Grandpa to Prom!

       An Alabama teenager attending her first prom said she chose her 80-year-old grandfather as her date because he never attended a dance of his own.The girl said, “My family is everything to me, and I love him so much, and it’s just like really special to me because I know not many people get to do that. And I know he loves me and I love him, and it’s just really neat and special.”The girl’s grandpa, nicknamed “Poppa,” said he was happy to accept the prom-posal, and says the royal blue tuxedo he wore for Saturday’s dance was his first time getting dressed in formal wear.

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This Day In History – April 13


The Grand Ole Opry, a radio staple from Nashville for 60 years, came to TV!

TNN, The Nashville Network, presented the country music jamboree to some 22-million homes across the U.S.


Crystal Pepsi begins test marketing in Providence, Denver & Dallas

Crystal Pepsi only lasted for about a year


At the ripe age of 21, Tiger Woods became the youngest person to win the Masters golf tournament!

He set the tournament record by shooting a 270, finishing the tournament at -18 under par!

Isn’t it funny when history repeats itself?! 


Dolly, the world’s first cloned sheep, gave natural birth to a healthy baby lamb. 

-Tyler Jackson

First World Problems

A new survey found the top “first world problems” that stress us out.

Here’s the Top Ten:

1.  Not being able to fall asleep.


2.  Misplacing your keys.


3.  A traffic jam when you’re already late.  (No word on whether we’re also stressed out by a “no smoking” sign on our cigarette break.  Or 10,000 spoons when all we need is a knife . . .)


4.  Losing an important document.


5.  Not being able to find a parking spot.


6.  The printer not working when you really need to print something.


7.  Your phone battery dying while you’re out.


8.  Discovering you’re out of toilet paper while you’re sitting on the toilet.


9.  Dealing with automated customer service instead of a real person.


10.  Trying to pay for something and realizing you forgot your credit card.

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How Much Does the Average Wedding Guest Pay?


The cost of attending a wedding is estimated to hit $673 on average per guest this year, up 14% from last year and nearly double the $339 spent by guests in 2012.

According to the annual American Express Spending & Saving Tracker:   Members of the wedding party will fork out even more, spending an estimated $701 this year versus $618 in 2014. An estimated 79 million Americans will bear witness to couples across the country saying “I do” this year versus 67 million in 2014.

The lion’s share of that cost goes to airfare ($225 per person, up 125% from 2014), hotel accommodation ($170, up 86%), dining out ($116, up 90% over the same period) and dressing up ($95, up 53%).

Save up!!!

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This Day In History – April 10


The RMS Titanic set sail from Southampton, England.

Unfortunately, we all know how that turned out…


F. Scott Fitzgerald published The Great Gatsby for the first time.

First it was a great book, and then it became a great movie:


The American table tennis team arrived in China. They were the first group of Americans officially allowed into China since the founding of the People’s Republic of China in 1949.

Does this sound familiar?! 


Pitcher Dan Quisenberry was signed by the Kansas City Royals to a contract that promised he would “…never wear another uniform.”

The lifetime pact was worth $43 million over a 40-year period.

On September 30, 1998, ‘The Fireman’ passed away from a battle with brain cancer.


Eddie Murphy’s Beverly Hills Cop made it into the top ten on the list of top-grossing movies

Coming in at number nine on the list, Beverly Hills Cop was the only R-rated and non-summer movie to make the list.

and then lastly…


The house passed a bill creating the national AMBER Alert system

The AMBER Alert system is officially a backronym for America’s Missing: Broadcast Emergency Response, but it was named for Amber Hagerman, a 9-year-old abducted and murdered in Arlington, Texas, in 1996.

-Tyler Jackson

Signature Foods in Each State

“Playboy” put together a list of each state’s signature food or drink.  A lot of the picks are traditional, like cheese steaks in Pennsylvania and deep dish pizza in Illinois.  Three states picked beer:  Oregon, Wisconsin, and Delaware.  And both Montana and Colorado went with Rocky Mountain oysters . . . which are bull testicles.

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