This Day In History – June 3


Elvis Presley’s mansion, Graceland, opened as a tourist attraction in Memphis, Tennessee

 Elvis passed away at his beloved estate on August 16, 1977.


Reba McEntire wed her manager Narvel Blackstock

Narvel’s son, Brandon, is married to Kelly Clarkson!


Willie Nelson began selling his Who’ll Buy My Memories – The IRS Tapes album!

Who’ll Buy My Memories – The IRS Tapes was made up of songs that had been seized by the government.

It would go towards paying off his $16 million tax bill.

and then lastly…


The Lorde single Royals was released in America!

This reminds me of something super special! 

-Tyler Jackson

A Group of Fifth Graders Stuck Up for a Special Needs Student, and Changed His Life

Last fall, five fifth-graders at a school in Mankato, Minnesota noticed a kid with special needs getting picked on at recess.  His name is James Willmert.  And they did more than stick up for him.  They went WAY above and beyond.

Their names are Gus Gartzke, Tyler Jones, Jake Burgess, Landon Kopischke, and Jack Pemble.  We wanted to say their names on the air, because they deserve it.First, they made sure the bullying stopped, and they have his back at recess every day now.  And when they realized he didn’t really have any friends, they told him to start sitting with THEM at lunch, and made him part of their group.

Now they all play football and basketball together at recess.  His mom says he used to HATE recess, but now he can’t wait for it.  And she recently put up a basketball hoop in their driveway, because he’s gotten really into sports.The guys also started helping him with little things he has trouble with, like opening a bag of chips or tying his shoes.

And finally, one of them recently asked what video games he has.  James said he didn’t have any, so they pooled their money . . . got their parents to chip in a little more . . . and bought him a PlayStation.

James’s mom says they’ve changed her son’s life.

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This Day In History – June 2


Baseball great, Lou Gehrig, passed away from Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis.

ALS is now referred to as Lou Gehrig’s Disease 


Queen Elizabeth II of Britain was crowned in Westminster Abbey

She’s had the crown for 62 years! 

and then lastly…


Timothy McVeigh was found guilty of the bombing of the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City

He fried for murdering 168 people. 

-Tyler Jackson

Man Planks for 5 Hours 15 Minutes and 5 Seconds!

A 57-year-old ex-Marine has pulled off the “People’s Plank,” which lasted 5 hours, 15 minutes and 15 seconds.

The PLANK consists of lying face down on mat resting on the forearms, with palms flat on the floor.  Yoga enthusiasts push off the floor, raising up onto their toes, and resting on their elbows.The ex-Marine beat the record of four hours, 26 minutes set by a Chinese police officer in September.He trained for nine months—four to six hours a day, with at least 30 hours of planking thrown in every week.

During his record attempt, the ex-Marine asked for as many distractions as possible. One thing he didn’t focus on was time. No one was to tell him how much longer he had until he broke the record.

He raised money for injured US service members.

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NO Excuses!!!

A girl in Chicago named Trameka Pope was homeless as a kid, and got pregnant in the eighth grade.  But she’s still graduating high school this week as the VALEDICTORIAN.  She’s going to Western Illinois University this fall, which was one of the 26 colleges that accepted her.  And she’s gotten over $600,000 in scholarships.

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This Day In History – June 1


Radio listeners in New York, California, and Illinois were introduced to FM multiplex stereo broadcasting.

This shortly became the radio standard 


Cable News Network (CNN) made its debut as the first all-news station.

and then lastly…


General Motors filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy.

This made GM the largest U.S. industrial company to enter bankruptcy protection.

 -Tyler Jackson

Are You “Keeping Up With the Joneses?”

Here are the results of a new survey on the average age when people hit different major milestones in life.


First kiss . . . age 15.


Buying your first car . . . age 22.


Getting engaged . . . age 25.


Getting married and buying your first place . . . 27.


Having your first child . . . 28.


Having your second child . . . 31.


Becoming a boss at work . . . age 34.


Moving to a bigger house . . . age 36.


Making six figures . . . age 37.


Retiring . . . age 60.

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Man Proposes at Wedding

An Iowa woman whose boyfriend proposed to her at her sister’s wedding defended his move…  saying it was her idea.

A picture of the proposal was uploaded to Reddit on Monday under the headline, “Any girl’s wedding nightmare”.

The post attracted more than 1,500 comments mostly people slamming the guy.

But the woman says it was her sister’s idea and her fiancé didn’t want to do it, but the bride said it would make the day even better.

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