Pitbull/Dachsund Mix Becomes Humane Society Ambassador!


A dog with the head of a pit bull and the body of a dachshund has just become an ‘ambassador’ for a Humane Society in Georgia where he lives, and he’ll train to become a special therapy dog while raising awareness for other pets in need of good homes.

Rami’s Facebook page has gained more than 4,500 fans in just three weeks and even sells T-shirts. The page also shared details about his life as an ambassador.

It read, ‘At night I go to my other home where I can play and sleep with my fosters. No more worries as a dog on the street, now I have food in my tummy, a warm cozy bed, and lots of friends and most important…LOVE!!’

Rami has also received so many offers of adoption that the rescue shelter says it is no longer accepting applications.

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Heart-Warming Story of the Day!


Cops and firefighters in St. Cloud, Florida attended an autistic boy’s birthday party after none of his classmates showed up.The 6-year-old boy’s mom invited her son class of 16 children to his birthday, and when no one showed up, he was devastated.The mom then posted what happened on a locally run Facebook page. This led to the local sheriff’s department, firefighters and town residents coming to the party with presents.The sheriff’s department even flew their helicopter over the party to wave to the boy.

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This Day In History – February 20


America’s first space hero, John Glenn, made space history!

Glenn became the first American to orbited the world when he did it three times! He made it happen in 4 hours, 55 minutes. 


A bomb exploded in a computer store in Salt Lake City, Utah.

The blast was blamed on the Unabomber.


Tara Lipinski, at age 15, became the youngest gold medalist in winter Olympics history!

She won the ladies’ figure skating title at Nagano, Japan.

and then lastly…

So tragic.


In West Warwick, RI, 99 people were killed when fire destroyed the nightclub The Station.

The fire started with sparks from a pyrotechnic display being used by Great White.

Ty Longley, guitarist for Great White, was one of the victims in the fire.

-Tyler Jackson

You Can Now Turn Your Pet Into a Stuffed Animal!


      A new company called Cuddle Clones will make you a stuffed animal replica of your PET.  You send them photos and information, and they send you a stuffed animal that looks as similar to your pet as possible.  Based on the photos we’ve seen, they’re pretty good . . . but it starts at $199 for dogs and cats.

You can order yours at CuddleClones.com.  It starts at $199 for dogs and cats, and they’ve already got so many orders that people who get in now will probably have to wait until July to get their stuffed animals.

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This Day In History – February 19


Kansas became the first state to prohibit all alcoholic beverages.

Damnit, Kansas!


The XIV Winter Olympic Games closed in Sarajevo, Yugoslavia.

Within the shadow of what was the Olympic Stadium, hundreds, maybe thousands, of Bosnians are now buried; the result of the civil war that began in the early 1990s.



Cherry Coke was introduced by the Coca-Cola Company!

It had it’s world premiere in New York City!


Anti-smoking ad airs for 1st time on TV, featuring Yul Brynner

October 10, 1985, he passed away from lung cancer.


An Oklahoma City bombing museum is dedicated at the Oklahoma City National Memorial.

168 people died in the Oklahoma City bombing on April 19,1995

and then lastly…


Fidel Castro resigned the Cuban presidency.

His brother Raul was later named as his successor.

-Tyler Jackson

So what’s in this year’s ‘Oscar’s gift bags’…worth $167,000?!

The annual “Oscar” nominee gift bags — stuffed with more than 80 gifts — are worth a record $167,000-plus each. That’s $17,000 more than the previous record of $150,000 set back in 2005.

The Oscar nominee gift bags are hand-delivered the day after the Oscar broadcast as a sort of “consolation” prize to the 21 losing nominees for best actor, actress, supporting actor, supporting actress and director. And the host, too.

Some of the racy swag:

• Laser vibrator. The Afterglow Pulsewave Vibrator bills itself as the world’s only adult toy that utilizes a low-level laser to enhance arousal. Value: $250

• Orgasm booster. “The Couple’s Love Shot,” as it’s called, is available to each of two “lovers” who can receive orgasm boosters including the O-Shot (Orgasm Shot), created by the same doctor who invented the Vampire Facelift to reduce wrinkles. Value: $5,000

• Pricey condoms. Naked Luxury Condoms, dubbed “the world’s only luxury condom” and “the most pleasurable condom in the world.” Value: $56 for two 6-packs.

Why so many racy products in the mix? “It’s connected to the idea that the beautiful Hollywood celebrities get ‘it’ much more than ordinary folks”. But truth be told, “the beautiful people in Hollywood must have all the same sex problems that everyone else does.”

Other gifts in the bag:

• Holiday in Tuscany. With the Italian Luxury Hotel Package, nominees will receive three complimentary nights in a suite at the five-star Grand Hotel Tremezzo. Value: $11,500.

• Chi-Chi car rental. A year’s worth of Silvercar rentals, the all-Audi airport car rental service that promises no lines, free GPS, free Sirius radio and free Wi-Fi every time. Value: $20,000

• Whiz-bang bicycle. Martone Cycling, known for its fashion and design-driven bikes, will hand out certificates for free designer bikes with automatic transmission and its signature red bike chains. Value: $1,200

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-Tyler & Megan

A Guy Adopted a Stray Dog He Found in the Subway . . . Check Out the Before-and-After Photos

An MTA worker in New York named Charles Gaston was working in a subway tunnel in the Bronx last week, and found a stray dog that was shivering and covered in filth. Its hair was matted and almost black, and Charles thinks she might have been down there for MONTHS.  None of the other workers would touch her, but she was really friendly.So Charles decided HE would adopt her.  She’s a Shih Tzu-poodle mix, which you couldn’t even tell before he cleaned her up.  And he found her on the D Line, so he named her Delta. He’s been uploading pictures of her to an Instagram account he made called “Delta the Track Dog“.   And now the before-and-after photos are going viral, because it doesn’t even look like the same dog.


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This Day In History – February 18


Kansas Dust Storms

A dust storm hit five states – Kansas, Colorado, Oklahoma, Texas and New Mexico. I remember my grandmother telling me about the dust bowl days. She would say that people could taste the dirt in their food at dinner time. During the dust bowl storms, dust in the air was so thick that it blocked the light of the sun. Homeowners had to hang wet sheets over doors and windows.

It was nearly impossible to make an area 100% dust-free. 

Rain, and different farming techniques have prevented this from happening again.

Let’s hope it never does! 


The first 3-D movie, Bwana Devil, opened in New York.

62 years later, and we still have to wear glasses to watch 3-D movies!


Dan Jansen skates world record 1000m in 1:12.43 at the 1994 Olympics in Norway!

Dan Jansen was the man! 

and then lastly…


NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt was killed in a crash during the Daytona 500 race.

He was killed on the final lap of his sport’s biggest race! We should all be so lucky to go out doing what we love!

NASCAR hasn’t been, and never will be, the same again!

#3 Forever!

-Tyler Jackson