Jerrod Niemann celebrates birthday on tour with Keith Urban

Well, I can’t think of much better ways to celebrate a birthday!  Kansas native Jerrod Niemann turns 35 today, and he’ll be partying with several thousands in Gilford, NH as he opens up for Brett Eldredge and Keith Urban at the Bank of New Hampshire Pavilion.

Jerrod, who was born in Harper and raised in Liberal, is obviously pretty stoked about it.  “It’s gonna be very exciting to be on tour with Keith Urban this summer, and especially the best birthday present ever”, he said.  “It’s gonna be a blast”!  And we feel the same way.

Happy Birthday Jerrod…and we certainly can drink to that all night!

This Day In History – July 24


The Urban Cowboy soundtrack, featuring Kenny RogersAnne MurrayMickey Gilley and Johnny Lee, went platinum!

Great music from a GREAT movie!


In one of the more bizarre episodes in baseball history, in a game against the New York Yankees, a home run by Kansas City Royals’ George Brett was actually taken away! Why? Not because the ball went foul, but because he had too much pine tar on the handle of his bat!

WHAT?! That stuff enhances grip, not distance!

Here, watch George go bat-stuff crazy!!

After this home run was taken away, they actually lost to the Yankees, 4-3, BUT, the home run was later reinstated, and the Royals officially won 5-4!


Steven Spielberg’s epic World War II film Saving Private Ryan opened in theaters.

What a fantastic movie!


After having survived testicular cancer, legendary cyclist Lance Armstrong won a record-setting seventh consecutive Tour de France and then announced his retirement from the sport.

No matter one’s opinion of the man, or how he may have had help in winning them, to actually go out and win seven Tour De France titles is very impressive! Go Lance!

and then lastly…

July 24 is National Tequila Day!

Don’t forget the salt and the lime! Ole! Ole!

-Tyler Jackson

Working Out in High Heels is a Thing Now


High-heel workouts are growing in popularity and are said to tighten your bottom and tone your thighs.The classes include The Heel Hop Workout and Stiletto Strength in which women walk, squat and even do sit-ups in heels.Working out in heels helps tone legs, bottoms, hips, thighs and abs.

Read more here!


Brett Eldredge reconnects with Fort Riley soldier

Just a few weeks ago, Brett Eldredge performed a concert over at Fort Riley for soldiers and their families.  He recently ran in to one of the concert attendees on an airplane.

Brett posted the picture to his Instagram account, and captioned the photograph “Sat by this US soldier on a plane as he was en route to Kuwait…a week before he came to my show at his army base…small world! Thanks for your service Chance“.

Here’s wishing Chance, and all the other men and women who selflessly serve our country, a quick and safe return home.  And Brett…you’re welcome back to Fort Riley anytime!

This Day In History – July 23


Happy birthday to the ice cream cone!

The ice cream cone was invented by Charles E. Menches, and were first presented during the Louisiana Purchase Exposition in St. Louis.


Vanessa Williams became the first Miss America to give back her title after it was discovered she had posed for Penthouse magazine! Suzette Charles succeeded Vanessa as Miss America.

The real question though was…who was complaining??


James Jordan, father of basketball great Michael Jordan, was murdered in his car along Highway 95 in North Carolina.

He stopped at a rest stop along Interstate 95 in North Carolina for a nap, when two men approached him. They robbed, shot and killed, and dumped his body into a swamp. Like savages.

Michael retired from the NBA after this, started playing baseball, came back to basketball, then retired again. He then bought a basketball team, and became the first athlete to become a billionaire.

Mike’s the greatest of all-time, and no-dount his father made him who he is. He’s still with him every step of the way.


Alan Jackson’s remake of Summertime Blues went to number one!

This was actually an Eddie Cochran original from back in the 50′s!

and then lastly…

18 years ago!

It was the Atlanta Summer Olympics! 

1996 - Gymnast Kerri Strug helped clinch the U.S. women gymnastic’s team’s first Olympic gold medal by making a final vault, despite tearing the ligaments in her ankle.


-Tyler Jackson 



Man runs from traffic stop…right into Police Academy

Some people seem to have lots of good luck…some people have no luck.  And then there’s this dufus.

30 year old Roger Wayne Beasley Jr was pulled over for a traffic stop.  But since he had some illegal drugs in the car, he ran from the officer into the first building he came to.  Unfortunately for Roger…it was the Harrison County Law Enforcement Training Academy.  That’s right…he ran right into the arms of several dozen cops.

Beasley was arrested and charged with numerous violations.  No word on whether the police will charge him with the worst luck ever.

Tim’s response to “swat-gate”…time to move on

By now you’ve certainly seen the video…we’ve posted it a couple of times on our website and Facebook page.  Tim McGraw is doing his encore…slapping hands with fans…when a young lady grabs his leg and won’t let go.  Tim breaks free…and then slaps the fan and walks away.

Well, apparently the fan never came forward to report the incident…Atlanta Police said they aren’t going to pursue it…and now Tim says he’s ready to move on.

In an interview with ET Canada, McGraw said “ “I think it was an unfortunate situation I think all the way around. But it happened, it happened in a split second, it was  pure instinctive reaction, I think you just got to move on.  It is one of those things that happen, nobody feels good about it, but there’s nothing that could be done about it. You are in that position, you are out there, you are  vulnerable, things happen and sometimes you react. There’s nothing to be said about it.

Now, I’m not here to point fingers…but I do think Tim could take the high road and maybe say he’s sorry.  But that’s just me.


Man Eats Pizza for 25 Years!

A man has lived on the pizza for the last 25-years.

He eats pizza every day.

AND… he has diabetes.  Doctors say his cholesterol is fine. They tell him to stay on his pizza diet because it seems to be working. Read more here!