Forced to be Facebook Friends With Your Boss…Fine or Terrible?

The state of Arkansas was just considering a law that would FORCE employees to accept their boss’ Facebook Friend request. It actually PASSED in the House of Representatives, but the Senate killed it for being “way too invasive.”

Do you think bosses have a right to see what their employees are up to on Facebook or do the employees have a right to privacy?

This Day In History – March 27


The Great Alaska Earthquake of 1964

A 9.2 magnitude earthquake hit 80 miles east of Anchorage, Alaska

This event killed 117 and producing a 50-foot tsunami that traveled over 8,000 miles.


Janis Joplin started her second of two weeks at the top of the pop music charts with the hit, Me and Bobby McGee! 


UCLA became the first team ever to win five consecutive NCAA basketball titles.

Coached by legend John Wooden, The Bruins defeated Villanova 68-62. 


 Adolph Rupp of the the University of Kentucky retired after 42 years of coaching the Wildcats

Rupp won 874 games for Kentucky


The magical blue little pill Viagra went on sale for the fist time!

It’s been saving marriages ever since!


NFL owners voted to make instant replay a permanent officiating tool.

and then lastly…

It WILL be This Day In History in 119 years


32nd recorded passage of Halley’s Comet

-Tyler Jackson

Shock wave cloaking device could protect soldiers in the future!

There could soon be a sci-fi like cloaking device that would protect soldiers from intense shock waves generated by explosions.

Defense company Boeing filed a patent for the device which would stop shock waves using a veil of heated, ionized air.

The heated air would work as a shield by changing the speed at which shock waves travel and therefore bending them around a protected soldier.

A researcher at the company said the idea occurred to him after noticing the kinds of injuries suffered by soldiers who served in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Read more about it HERE

This would be great for our soldiers! 

-Tyler Jackson

That Dean Smith was a heck of a guy. Guess what he gave all of his players when he passed

Former North Carolina basketball head coach – and Kansas Native – Dean Smith left behind a $200 check to each of his former players to enjoy a dinner on him. 

Smith passed away last month at the age of 83.

Each player received a letter with the check that read:

“Each player was important and special to Coach Smith and when he prepared his estate plan, Coach wanted to reach out to each of his lettermen. Accordingly, coach decided that following his passing, each letterman be sent a two hundred dollar ($200.00) check with the message ‘enjoy a dinner out compliments of Coach Dean Smith.’ Enclosed is a check in the amount of two hundred dollars ($200.00) with the notation ‘Dinner out.’

“Please enjoy your dinner out.”

The letter was sent to about 175 players which cost $35,000.

-Tyler Jackson

Spring Break really is a Circle Of Life! This is a great way to wake up!

Hotel plays “Circle Of Life” to wake up spring breakers

The Holiday Inn in Panama City Beach, Florida plays Circle Of Life from The Lion King to wake up spring breakers!

The hotel’s DJ first played the song in 2012 and thought it would be a fun way to wake up guests at the 11 AM check-out time.

-Tyler Jackson

McDonald’s Launches “Big Mac” Clothing Line!

McDonald’s is launching its first ever clothing line.The fast food chain unveiled Big Mac-patterned matching thermal clothing, rubber boots and a raincoat. There will also be a homeware line that includes bed sheets, wallpaper and a dog coat.The collection was launched earlier this week in Sweden, and it celebrates McDonald’s latest ‘I’m Lovin It 24’ campaign with the print featuring Big Macs on a white background.The line will be presented at a fashion show in Stockholm, and will only be available online.  Profits will contribute to Ronald McDonald House Charities. Read more here!



This Day In History – March 26


Dr. Jonas Salk announced a new vaccine that would prevent poliomyelitis. 


39 members of the Heaven’s Gate cult committed suicide by drinking some magic juice in a mansion in Rancho Santa Fe, California

The group, led by Marshall Applewood, had drank the kool-aid, thinking that they would be picked up by a spaceship following behind Hale-Bopp comet. 


Dr. Jack Kevorkian was convicted of second-degree murder in Michigan for giving a terminally ill man a lethal injection

He put it all on videotape on September 17, 1998 for 60 Minutes. 


The Kingdome in Seattle, the former home to the Seattle Seahawks & Mariners, was imploded!

on the same day in 2000

Vladimir Putin was elected president in Russia

and then lastly…

Happy Birthday to our ole friend Kenny Chesney! 

 Be sure to win tickets from us for his Arrowhead Stadium show with Jason Aldean on August 1! 

 -Tyler Jackson

This Day In History – March 25


RCA made it’s first color TV set!

These TV sets were 12½” tall, and sold for $1,000!


The Turtles had the number one song in the land with Happy Together!


Tom Jones went gold with his single, She’s A Lady! 

This song can stay stuck in your head for days!!


Mike Tyson was released from jail after serving 3 years.


Tiger Woods returns to his world number one ranking!

Come on Tiger, you can do it again! 

and then lastly…


Happy Birthday to Reginald Kenneth Dwight!

…I mean, Happy Birthday to Elton John!

-Tyler Jackson