The WORST Kinds of Selfies are…

Selfies.  We have a love/hate relationship with them.  While some can be really fun and/or funny, many can be the type that make you want to unfriend half of your Facebook friends.  We have the list of the WORST kinds of selfies here!

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Which State Has the Most Immature Men?

According to a study… Rhode Island has the most immature men in the US.

Researchers looked at men 25 to 65 in each state, analysing unemployment, how much the guys love porn, fantasy football, video games, beer pong and “The Family Guy.”

Rhode Island topped the immature men list followed by Delaware, Illinois, North Dakota then Ohio.


immature-men immature-men-chart1

This Day In History – October 8


After playing two shows at the Madison Square Garden, Bob Marley collapsed in Central Park while jogging

He was then brought to Sloan-Kettering Hospital, diagnosed with cancer, and passed away seven months later.

Rest in peace to a man who made his life singing about peace.


The all sister country trio SheDaisy made their debut on the Grand Ole Opry!

Remember these guys?! 


Siegfried Fischbacher and his manager announced that the Siegfried and Roy show at the Mirage was canceled permanently

It was also said that if Roy Horn survived, after a tiger attack on October 3, the duo would continue to work together.

and then lastly…


At Alderson Federal Prison Camp, West Virginia, Martha Stewart began her five-month prison sentence

The sentence was imposed for Stewart lying about a stock sale.

-Tyler Jackson

The Nieman Marcus Christmas Book is Here! (And You Can’t Afford Anything In It)

The annual Neiman Marcus Christmas Book includes a $425,000 trip to the Oscars.

The book includes 10 “fantasy gifts” including the trip to the Oscars– with invitations to the Vanity Fair Oscar party.

There’s also a trip for two to Paris, with five-star accommodations and gallons of a custom-designed perfume for $475,000.

The “his and hers” gift is a “quadski” which is described as a cross between an ATV and a personal watercraft, traveling on land and water. They sell for $50,000 each.

Check out more here!

Behold the 8,000 Calorie Breakfast!

There’s an 8,000 calorie breakfast– but you need to sign a waiver to eat it.

The 7-pound meal is served on a 4-foot turkey platter and includes four fried eggs, a four-egg cheese omelet, eight sausages, eight strips of bacon, four hash browns, four waffles, four pieces of toast, four pieces of fried bread, four servings of black pudding, two scoops of beans, two of tomatoes, mushrooms, large fries and a 2-pint milkshake.

It’s served at a restaurant in England and those who can finish the entire course in under an hour win $162.

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This Day In History – October 7


Happy Birthday to the architect of “the greatest turnaround in college football history“…

Bill Snyder!

Just look at the numbers:

Bill Snyder career wins in his first term as coach, 1989-2005: 136

KState wins from 1938-1988: 127

Bill Snyder bowl games (As of the BWW Bowl against Michigan last year): 15

K-State bowl games from 1938-1988:



Toto released Hold the Line!

This is one of my all-time favorite classic rock songs!


The Andrew Lloyd Webber musical Cats opened on Broadway!

The show closed September 10th, 2000 after 7,485 performances! That is a Broadway record.


Willie Nelson‘s single Always on My Mind was certified gold and platinum!


A crowd of some 125,000 people were sitting or standing in Central Park to see Pope John Paul II.

The pontiff’s message at the outdoor mass was geared to the role of young people in the church and the world:

You young people will live most of your lives in the next century, You must help the holy spirit to shape the social, moral and spiritual character.



For the first time since 1995, a Garth Brooks album failed to debut at number one on the Billboard 200 Pop Albums chart. Garth Brooks in…The Life Of Chris Gaines was a major failure for Brooks.

The worst part about it was, Creed was number one that week with their Human Clay album!

What were you thinking, bro?! 


Chris LeDoux got a new liver! He underwent transplant surgery at the Nebraska Health System hospital in Omaha.

The world lost this legit cowboy in 2005.

Here’s my all-time favorite Chris Ledoux song! Photo Finish

and then lastly…


In California, Arnold Schwarzenegger was elected governor in the recall election of Governor Gray Davis.

They actually elected The Terminator! LOL!

-Tyler Jackson

STD Prevention: The New Frontier?


A condom for the entire crotch area has been created to lower the risk of catching STDs.

Scroguard is worn with a condom and reduces skin on skin contact, lowering the risk of catching infections like herpes or genital warts which are transmitted through contact with skin.The creators say it was designed for men with a high sex drive who enjoy sexual variety, and couples and individuals who love to swing.

They warn the pants may make a farting sound if air gets inside.